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Fruit Lover's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Nth E NSW

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Fresh fingerlime seeds fruits for sale or - Hi Guys, Fresh Organic Finger Lime seeds and trees are available online at Forever Seeds Worldwide Mail Order www.forever-seeds.com email: info@forever-seeds.com..649 days 6hrs
Lotus seed - Hi All, I have bought some beautiful red flowered and white flowered Lotus Plants from a mail order website in the Far North East corner of NSW on the NSW/QLD border in Australia, website & email below: www.forever-seeds.com Email: info@forever-see..1357 days 12hrs
Cacao seeds - Mike, Oh no. Thanks for that anyway, could you tell me where I could get some seeds at all, or know anyone that sells them or grows the trees up there that you could put me in touch with? ..1484 days 9hrs
Cacao seeds - Hi Mike, Are you growing the capauassu and macambo? I would love to get some seeds or plants if you would sell any? ..1499 days 8hrs
Citrus sudachi - Hi Jakfruit etiquette, Yes it is the Grafted Sudachi, they have the Grafted Yuzu in both the normal one and the Dwarf Yuzu too. The Sudachi is just so amazingly rare I was surprised to find it at all, so very happy to have found them with Forever Seeds..1638 days 18hrs
Citrus sudachi - Hi, Just wanted to update you that if you are still after the Sudachi citrus "Forever Seeds " mail order nursery have them but very limited qty from time to time. They have a wait list for them but they also do pre-paid orders on them to guarantee you ..1667 days 12hrs
Cocoa plant - Hi Kevin, Also just wanted to let you know that apparently the common pawpaw or papaya is excellent for lung health. The red ones taste so good if you dont like the normal yellow ones. Hope this helps you out you should try it and google lung health and ..2173 days 9hrs
Cocoa plant - Dont know much about the medicinal to do with breathing, but I do know that it can lower high blood pressure and has heaps of other medicinal properties when consumed raw. Super rare in Australia The Cocoa tree or True Chocolate tree (Theobroma Cacao) is ..2174 days 7hrs
Inquiry of yuzu plants - That is a actually misinformation that citrus takes so long to fruit if grown from seed. Seed grown Yuzu can actually fruit in as little as 3-6 years. Bought a couple of grafted yuzu from Forever seeds mail order nursery in norhtern rivers NSW and the..2180 days 12hrs
Jaboticaba5 - An awesome mail order nursery is Forever Seeds, great people, great service and great range of rare and exotic hard to find plants, Tropical Edibles & Native Bush tucker & Essential oil plants delivered to your door. Yes they do also sell the Yuzu Seedl..2334 days 13hrs
Looking for the key lime citrus aurantifolia - Hi Guys, Salsta... this web site sells lots of rare eddibles / fruit trees mail order to your door. They have lots of rare citrus grafted, cutting grown or seedlings from time to time as they become available. I bought a west Indian Lime from them for ..2437 days 18hrs
Drumstick tree - Hi Nick, Please could you post your sales contact EMAIL in this thread so we can contact you direct for sales...2489 days 14hrs
Soursop tree1 - Hi Donna, You can also get them mail order from Forever Seeds , i think they are from memory only $15. They have heaps of other rare edibles too, worth the look. www.forever-seeds.com info@forever-seeds.com and cheaper than daleys, with all due re..2532 days 11hrs
Citrus sudachi - Hi Guys, You can get the Yuzu from a mail order nursery in north eastern NSW. They only send citrus to NSW, QLD & VIC/ACT only due to quarantine laws. They have the grafted in very limited qtys throught out the year, so they have a wait list but they als..2576 days 18hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - Hi Guys, Forever Seeds have Cocoa plants for sale www.Forever-seeds.com email: info@forever-seeds.com They are also on ebay too. Store name:"Forever Seeds" They have heaps of rare and hard to get tropical fruit trees and tropical fruit t..2589 days 12hrs

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Cacao seeds - Cacao is genetically very diverse and the formulas for suitable climates don't seem very accurate.They are grown in the 6000mm/yr zone in Colombia,in the dry Cerrado in Brazil with supplementary watering and in the cool south of Brazil.The right cultivar..Liked Answer 1496 days 7hrs

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