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Nagesh's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: WALLSEND

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Nagesh Forum Contributions
Night flowering jasmine - Do you still have the plant? I had a 10ft tree suddenly died. It's been very hard to germinate and I tried nearly 100 seeds but with no avail. Can you help please?..1962 days 4hrs
Drumstick tree4 - My drumstick trees have started giving pods after 4 years but all are falling out becoming yellow. The whole flower withers away. What could be the problem please? I ahve sprayed them with Mancozeb but to no effect. the pods are not set strong enough to s..4170 days 23hrs
Drumstick tree not fruiting - Hallelujah!!! I have lot of pods set...BUT the drawback now is most or all of them wither away...teary eyes...How do I stop the remainder to keep in tact. In that way I may get a dozen this year. I hope. Please advise as I had lost many in the past two we..4178 days 21hrs
Drumstick tree not fruiting - Thanks for that. I will definitely try it out this summer. Again lots of flowers and no pods. May be potash might help. Keep the hopes of fruits next season. Can't just imagine bot the trees behave the same way...lots of flowers not pods. Happy New Year ..4191 days 6hrs
Drumstick tree not fruiting - I bought two drumstick trees 4 years back. They are not over 4m tall with sprawling branches and flowers but I have not had even one drumstick pod from either. What Can I do to get the flowers turn to pods? It is very frustrating to see a big tree with no..4568 days 19hrs

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Night flowering jasmine - Contact me at luu888@hotmail.com if you want this plant I’m in Sydney. Kind regards, Tam..Liked Answer 1962 days 3hrs

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