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Katrine's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: coffs harbour

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Katrine Forum Contributions
Black sapote not growing - I have the same problem like Snow. My biggest tree is about 4,5 years old now. It is I think a Rick's late (??) It is covered in Flowers, lots and lots, but no fruit sets. Do you have a picture from your tree snow ? ..3016 days 11hrs
Black sapote not growing - I actually do have 3 sapote trees already, one had 9 little fruit this year (already gone..yumm...)I just would like to buy some more fruit this year, if someone might sell some? On one tree I've got, the fruit just will not set and the other one is stil..3023 days 10hrs
Black sapote not growing - Hello everyone, just wonder if someone in my area (Coffs, Grafton)has some black sapotes for sale ? I would love to buy some. ..3023 days 11hrs
Black sapote not growing - hi steve, i am in the coffs harbour area too. have no luck with my black sapote. plenty of flowers at the moment but they just drop off. have you got more then one tree or other persimmons nearby ? do you hand pollinate or just let nature do the work ? m..3682 days 14hrs

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