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Diego's Edible Backyard

Joined: 30/12/10 Updated: 30/12/10 Frost:
Location: Woombye

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Diego Forum Contributions
Citrus problem2 - Thank you very much for your enlightening response Fruitylicious :) ..370 days 3hrs
Citrus problem2 - ..372 days 12hrs
Citrus problem2 - ..372 days 12hrs
Citrus problem2 - ..372 days 12hrs
Citrus problem2 - Photos.......372 days 12hrs
Citrus problem2 - I very recently planted some citrus (lemon and seville orange) which were well watered in and with fresh cow dung added to the soil beforehand. The upper surfaces of the leaves have now turned white (not yellow). They were dark green when I planted them. ..374 days 9hrs
Seville orange - About half a dozen up now.......601 days 17hrs
Id please1 - Can anyone tell me what these are? ..627 days 17hrs
Orange tree problem1 - http://ipm.ucanr.edu/PMG/C107/m107bpleaftwigdis.html ..628 days 14hrs
Seville orange - Hi Azar the first (hopefully not the last) of your seville seeds has sprouted and the seedling is about to stick its head up above ground to welcome the impending Spring. 40 days since planting the seed...634 days 9hrs
Seville orange - New home for the Seville D'Azar...676 days 11hrs
Seville orange - Azar your seeds arrived today thank you very much. You didn't put a return address on the envelope but if you give it to me I will be very happy to send you some stamps to pay for the postage. I'll get busy now putting the seeds (still moist) into some se..676 days 12hrs
Seville orange - Thanks so much Azar very kind of you. Yes I will keep you informed. ..681 days 13hrs
Seville orange - Hi Azar did you manage to find some seeds to send me? I am happy to send you a stamped self-addressed envelope if that will make it easier for you. Cheers ..686 days 14hrs
Seville orange - Hi Azar my address is Post Office Box 76 Woombye Q ..692 days 10hrs

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