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Greg16's Edible Backyard

Joined: 27/05/11 Updated: 27/05/11 Frost:
Location: Sydney

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Greg16 Forum Contributions
Fruit fly control - Hi TJ I have both the vegenet and the insect screen (25/25 in black). I bought their pre packed sizes. Only had them around three months so can't comment fully on durability but the insect screen does appear more robust and in the pre packed sizes it ..2756 days 6hrs
Hot chillies - Try http://www.thechilliman.biz/index.htm..2761 days 10hrs
Fruit fly control - Hey MaryT, Check out an earlier post in this thread (Mal 12th Feb, 2008). Tried a rocoto chili to see if would attract fruit fly. No luck so far just lots of chilis :) I think the fruit fly are sitting back waiting for my guavas. I've also tried Naturalu..2769 days 16hrs
Blueberry - I picked up my Legacy from Bunnings back in February. Saw them in a number of stores back then but not seen any recently. incredibleedibles.com.au were the supplier...2847 days 2hrs
Blueberries18 - Hi Steve, Blueberries will be fine in Sydney. You will do best with either southern highbush or rabbiteye types (southern highbush are self pollinating whereas rabbiteyes you will need more than one variety). Both require less chill hours than the nort..2946 days 10hrs

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