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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveCrimson seedless grape specialAdvanced TreesBare root coming soon

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Graviola tree or soursop - http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancer-help/about-cancer/cancer-questions/can-graviola-cure-cancer By the way the last post was Mike.It is wise to listen to the cancer researchers.Only lab results have shown cancer cells being killed by soursop...2079 days 15hrs
Graviola tree or soursop - http://www.drugs.com/npp/soursop.html Key questions are what level of fruit consuption (thus annonacin) is needed for adverse consequences, and what evidence is ther for anti cancer actions? ..2079 days 15hrs
Bush turkeys - They are not good to eat and rather like a ball of wool boiled in a pot with a chicken stock cube. Indigenous Australians do not get charged with eating wildlife.When using firearms on turtles,cassowaries or maybe dugongs when the people are not the trad..2079 days 16hrs
Araca pera - The brazilians are big on fruit slurries to flavour desserts,smoothies,icecream or to blend with other juices etc.Many of the Psidiums are used this way.I off-loaded most species I had including P.eugenifolia and P.myrtifolia as I would rather plant their..2079 days 20hrs
Araca pera - trikus I recently passed a few Psidium species on to Peter S including this one.There is much on line info regarding their uses...2079 days 21hrs
Bush turkeys - Swamp hens are more manageable than scrub turkeys.A friend of mine has their chickens molested by a male scrub turkey on a daily basis as well as having the garden rotary hoed. It paid the ultimate price for its uncivilised and destructive ways...2079 days 23hrs
Looking for a calamansi seed or tree - Mary T I just had to let go of the past and assume a new identity.I think indonesian lime is a different species altogether...2079 days 23hrs
Yellow mangosteen1 - Yes Trikus, the 3 pix did not come through and I will have another crack at it. ..2081 days 21hrs
Giant lau lau - Mike Here, now we're talking JCS.Let me know what is on your wish list as I am flushed with rare species, mostly from Brazil at the moment. Please email me at miketrenerryatyahoodotcomdotau...2081 days 23hrs
Yellow mangosteen1 - Different tree Trikus. I can show pix tonight of that dulcis as well as giant xanthochymus...2082 days 15hrs
Giant lau lau - sternus 1 I am only after seeds and can swap dragonfruit cuttings of the finest named hybrids for them (google Matt's landscapes or PIN collections).I can sweeten the pot with small plants of jabaticaba and Eugenia species and others not availbale elsewh..2082 days 15hrs
Yellow mangosteen1 - Trikus, not from the single big tree on the mangosteen farm? Not Peter S the other Peter? I cleaned up half the crop last year if it is. It looks like the common form of G.xanthochymus but a large fruiting sour form of G.dulcis has fruit looking much the ..2082 days 23hrs
Giant lau lau - Mike from Cairns here. I have a need....a need for seed. If anyone can supply me with some giant lau lau seeds they will be handsomely rewarded with fruit seeds and small plants of quality that other people don't have. ..2082 days 23hrs
Where can i buy ackee fruit tree - Peter, I am getting used to being a shadowy figure with an identity crisis now.I am pretty sure that is one of the things I tried.An Onymous can be my alter ego from now on...2083 days 23hrs
Where can i buy ackee fruit tree - They are not a tree or fruit in high demand as few people know akee.Trees seem to be rare in yards and there are just a few park trees.I have not seen anyone picking fruit in Cairns but those I have tried have been of high quality.A number of top cultivar..2083 days 24hrs

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