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Machsue's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Kelmscott WA

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Machsue Forum Contributions
Blueberry - My "Tiff" is going so well. I think it is too hot, well was until this quick rain stormy spell. I am in Kelmscott and Have a Tiff in a large pot. Should it be in direct sunlight or can I keep it under the tin back porch. It flowered and the tips die..3248 days 8hrs
Blueberry - My Tiff has grown leaves and what looked like what was going to be fruit, but the tips of the branches are dying. I am very new at this. I planted my bush, went well - still going, but that's it. What can I do? Thank you for your help...3274 days 8hrs
Blueberry - Hi, I bought a Tiff blue recently, the leaves are going red and falling off, is this normal? Anything I can do to ensure it does not die. We are having a bit of rain, is it ok for the bush to be out (next to shelter? Thank you..3419 days 10hrs

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