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Afsariq's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Dallas, Texas

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Afsariq Forum Contributions
Drumstick tree - Hello Hasan, Two most essential elements in growing Moringa trees, at least 8 hours of full sun and a good balanced water soluble fertilizer every 15 days in growing season. I keep my big pots on the southeast side and feed them with Miracle Grow wat..2323 days 4hrs
Drumstick tree - My Moringa trees in 30” pots are going very well this year in Texas zone 7B, I live near Dallas. This year’s output is approx. 125 between the two trees. Afsar..2392 days 18hrs
Drumstick tree - Here is a picture of my potted Moringa tree in our backyard. This year with hot summer days in Dallas, production is amazingly good. The total output is approx.140 pieces and each one is about 18-20 inches long...4313 days 2hrs
Drumstick tree - Here is the fruit output from my first year potted Moringa tree-:)..4644 days 19hrs
Drumstick tree - I have no idea what went wrong with the pictures I uploaded. Meanwhile, my potted Moringa is giving a lot og fruits and we are all enjoying then here...4655 days 5hrs

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Drumstick tree - Hey Rusty, Yeh people do eat the flowers and pods. My family is waiting and hoping that the pods form so we can eat them. It's part of the reason for growing them besides the leaves of course. Will definitely be saving the first one for seeds though. So..Liked Answer 2304 days 19hrs
Drumstick tree - My moringa tree is 4 years old. Very healthy lots of fresh leaves. Lots of flowers but no pods, why? Can any one gove me some pointers? ..Liked Question 2323 days 4hrs
Drumstick tree - Hi Fortune B!! I keep mine in a mini gh from winter till spring & take it out @ the beginning of summer(nov) when the weather starts to warm up.. I propagated mine from seeds. You can get the seeds from ebay...Here's the latest pix of my drumstick...Liked Question 2391 days 22hrs

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