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Fos's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Tasmania

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Fos Forum Contributions
Nagami cumquat not productive - Hi Julie, ...mmmm... maybe I won't water mine this summer coming & see how it goes ? Any chance of a photo of your tree ? Yum...marmalade sounds good - bottled whole in a liqueur syrup or cumquat cake maybe ?..2638 days 15hrs
Nagami cumquat not productive - Thanks Mary, yippee... must have been exciting to see a fruit on yours. That's encouraging,I will persevere. My husband thinks it's a dud but I think it will come good. The rest of my citrus are flowering & fruiting abundantly too. - some much younger ..2639 days 23hrs
Nagami cumquat not productive - Help Ideas please ? I have a Nagami Cumquat. had for almost 3 1/3 years - no flowers or fruit. It is healthy but has not grown much, fertilized & water regularly & full sun. Bought as a grafted advanced tree we had it in the ground first then trans pla..2640 days 17hrs
How can i reloc a fig tree - Hi FTE, I moved my 3 year old fig tree in June last year - Winter when it was dormant from the ground to a pot. Washed of soil, trimmed root ball slightly, potted in good mix & watered in with liquid seaweed lightly.I didn't really water much until leave..2812 days 20hrs
Raspberries4 - Raspberries... Help please, Hi all, can anyone advise the best time & way to take raspberry cane cuttings ? Thanks kindly...2812 days 20hrs

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