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Prue's Edible Backyard

Joined: 04/10/11 Updated: 04/10/11 Frost:
Location: Geraldton

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Prue Forum Contributions
Giant choko - Hi Amanda, Are you still in Geraldton, and if by chance do you have any fruit trees etc in pots that you don't plan to take down south when you move? I am in White Peak and would be happy to buy some plants from you if you cant relocate them. Cheers ..2026 days 18hrs
Seville orange - Hi Virginia Not sure if your aware of it but there is a little nursery on Pass street just up and to the right of the the Aquarena. It has some fruit trees (not many) that I have not seen in Bunnnings. Cheers Prue...2026 days 22hrs
Seville orange - Hi Julie, It's OK if you can't manage I can see by how long this topic has gone that you would be overwhelmed with requests. I am only experimenting with trying to grow citrus from seed so will just try growing some store bought fruit. Thanks. ..2026 days 23hrs
Seville orange - Hi Julie, Just wondering if your tree is fruiting and if you are still happy to post seeds? If so I would very much appreciate some and am happy to cover your costs. Prue..2031 days 11hrs
Seville orange - I haven't lived in Perth for several years now, but once upon a time you could go 4 wheeling in an area near Kwinana and the old railway yard. There where some derelict homesteads out there with some old citrus trees, looked like an orange but tasted bit..2359 days 13hrs

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