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Colin5's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Colin5 Forum Contributions
Fruit fly control - Dear Qasim Kakar, Protein based traps do attract both male and female flies but typically the immature male, the female requires protein for egg production so an ongoing requirement. To enhance the protein based trap add a parapheromone lure which will tr..2737 days 3hrs
Fruit fly control - FF larvae or maggots burrow into the soil where they pupate and emerge as adults after 2-4 days in summer and up to 3 weeks in winter, they don't actually live in the soil. Female fruit flies fly into the tree when the fruit is ripening to lay eggs. Nets..2772 days 1hrs
Fruit fly control - Debbie, re FF control. There are available a number of products that claim to control FF, these include Cover sprays ( Lebaycid ) bait sprays ( Natauralure ) and traps. The traps are either a pheromone base which attract only the male and protein based wh..2889 days 14hrs

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