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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Location: perth

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Kim12 Forum Contributions
Jaboticaba4 - Hi Amanda, Worms farms/compost bins are on my wish list at the moment. We're in the process of giving our garden a makeover of sort, so once done, I will be shopping. :) Is it safe to give blood and bone at the same time as the seasol? i'm such ..2707 days 16hrs
Jaboticaba4 - Hi Amanda, sadly, we don't have any worm activity at all - not yet. We got some from our neighbour but i don't think any managed to survive (haven't seen them at all when i got curious and started digging a bit to check). But hopefully with time we ..2708 days 23hrs
Jaboticaba4 - at the nursery there were two lots - one in full sun and one under filtered sun, we did pick our plants from the full sun lot as they had been exposed to our very warm summer and excepting for the few burned tips on the leaves they were still quite health..2713 days 1hrs
Tips for raising seeds - Thanks Denise - so they'll be ok for the time being? i was afraid that they would strange each other. :)..2713 days 1hrs
Tips for raising seeds - Hope you can help me - i put some surinam cherry seeds in one pot a few weeks back thinking if i was lucky enough that one or two would germinate. I'm very lucky in that i've got about 11 seedlings - however they're all in the same pot. A couple have..2713 days 14hrs
Jaboticaba4 - Thanks Amanda. :) I will wait to plant out the newer trees as you suggested originally. I have keep up with the water and the ones in to pots seems to be putting out a bit of new growth, so very exciting! :)..2715 days 18hrs
Jaboticaba4 - Amanda - i'm happy to report my newly planted jaboticabas seem very happy indeed (new growth everywhere). i have read the this read from top to bottom so have given them heaps of water and have mulched them quite generously. now begins the wait for frui..2717 days 17hrs
Jaboticaba4 - my soil is the predictable sand and builders waste - so nothing to boast about. I'm in Dianella, the older part. The four jaboticabas i mentioned are already in the ground (hedging our driveway) - hopefully they'll be ok? do you think i should get t..2724 days 24hrs
Jaboticaba4 - Thanks Gus and Amanda for your tips - is it safe to give them blood & bone straight away? i'm too scared to give them anything more than a tiny bit of slow release fertilizer when we put them in the ground. The trees we picked up were retailing at ..2726 days 17hrs
Jaboticaba4 - Hi all, i have been reading reading and re-reading this thread for a while and have finally made a purchase of 4 jaboticabas from Blooming Nursery (in Jandabup). They stand at around 6 feet tall and quite slender looking. So excited! apparently they'..2733 days 14hrs
Persimmon - I will definitely take your advice on board Amanda - here's to hoping my tree will make it to a fruitful maturity. i was just at Bunnings earlier today to buy my pH meter... i guess i should've picked up the moisture probe as well - i will definitely h..2747 days 16hrs
Persimmon - So sorry to hear your tree didn't make it - i'd always assumed that persimmon would be one of the easier trees to grow. A lady i used to work with wasn't much of a green thumb but her tree is absolutely stunning and is very prolific, so i'd assumed t..2747 days 24hrs
Persimmon - Thanks John. We did have some pretty hot days a week or so back, but my leaves actually went brown prior to the heatwave. Must be the drainage issue - i have been watering my tree with coffee grounds soaked in water overnight, so hopefully the soil is s..2749 days 1hrs
Persimmon - Hope you can help - i have just planted my nursery brought fuyu persimmon tree into the ground and its not looking too good. There are some new growth, so i'm happy with that, but most of the older leaves are browning around the edges - can anyone help ..2750 days 3hrs
Blueberry - Dawsons in Forrestfield have a lot of blueberries (Misty & Sharpe) for sale ($21.95??? for small ones and $29.95 for medium sized ones) right now. They are heavy with fruits (yes, even the small plants!!) which you are allowed to taste!! The Sharpe varie..2791 days 1hrs

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