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NSW Bananas1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 05/12/11 Updated: 05/12/11 Frost:
Location: Far south coast NSW

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

NSW Bananas1 Forum Contributions
Striped bananas - Hi Brendan was that pic from the internet or is it from somewhere here in Australia? and trikus is corect it is Ae Ae banana..2628 days 13hrs
Dwarf orinoco banana - Hi Phill what are the 15 varieties ?..2645 days 18hrs
Praying hands bananas - ok it was not ripe then?..2655 days 15hrs
Taste test new bananas - Do you have any more info Trikus on what the 15 new varietys are from South Johnstone DPI...2658 days 12hrs
Banana suckers3 - Also I am aware of Bluesky backyard bananas I have had a couple of orders from them...2658 days 12hrs
Banana suckers3 - Cool What variety are the ones in the pic? And Here on The lower South coast of NSW there is very little regulation if any on bananas. The Giant Bananas you have are they a desert or Cooking Banana do you know?..2658 days 12hrs
Praying hands bananas - That is a real shame Did you get to taste them the Praying Hands Bananas? ..2658 days 12hrs
Dwarf orinoco banana - Does anyone here know of anyone Growing dwarf orinoco bananas in australia or where to buy plants of orinoco dwarf banana?..2658 days 12hrs
Praying hands bananas - Is there anyone in Australia growing Praying hand Bananas?..2659 days 16hrs
Banana suckers3 - HI brendan what banana varieties do you have growing?..2660 days 9hrs
What eduible bananas are there growing in - I will contact them do you have their contact details please?..2661 days 14hrs
What eduible bananas are there growing in - I would like to find out here all the edible banana varieties t are growing here in australia. I know of the following Dwarf Cavendish Cavendish Dwarf Red dacca Red Dacca Pisang Ceylan Duccase Lady Finger Vallerie Rajahpuri blue Java Blug..2662 days 15hrs
Taste test new bananas - Hey Trikus Just wondering if they the dPI will let people purchase these varietys to grow at a later date?..2663 days 8hrs
Banana pups to swap - and please see this thread http://www.daleysfruit.com.au/forum/dwarf-red-dacca1 ..2663 days 8hrs
Banana pups to swap - John Please see pic http://plant.daleysfruit.com.au/s/dwarf-red-dacca1-8099.jpg of my red Dacca..2663 days 8hrs

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