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Joined: 07/12/11 Updated: 07/12/11 Frost: None
Location: concepcion

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i like clean veggies

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Herbalcurephilippines Forum Contributions
Tree unknown - seeds are edible pod is a wooly and not edible ..655 days 20hrs
Tree unknown - i have a malabar chestnut in the garden , its not that, additionally the leaves are very different and the malabar chestnut pod is much smaller. This pod is about one feet long..659 days 7hrs
Tree unknown - 17 years ago i got seeds and planted never knew the ID of the tree it made a cacao like pod and last week it fell down , picture attached anyone has ID of this tree..662 days 8hrs
Gac fruit anyone - handpollination..686 days 8hrs
Identification of tree1 - i will do so when the fruit is rippe its still growing..716 days 4hrs
Identification of tree1 - 11 years ago i planted a seed and a year later i got a seedling and then came the taifoon and my worker ran to put all the seedlings in the barn but forgot the ID tags. Now i have an 8 meter high tree with one fruit what looks like a nut but nobody seems..721 days 3hrs
Gac fruit anyone - we can offer seeds from our fresh harvest..877 days 4hrs
Gac fruit anyone - we have commercial gac farm, we germinate the seeds in the the old compost hip, we just take out the ones who sprout. Its always a matter of keeping them moist and on an average temp of about 25 Celsius. Hi Pete i come next March to costa rica, and want ..909 days 23hrs
Gynostemma penthaphyllum - Lookin g for viable seeds..1613 days 7hrs
Sweet leaf bush2 - looking for viable seeds of katuk ??? Any ???..1613 days 8hrs
Gac fruit anyone - Handpollination is the game and you have about 2 to 3 hours in the morning to do it..1965 days 4hrs
Gac fruit anyone - the female flower are on a different vine. There are male vines and female vines, both sexes on different plants. We have a small commercial plantation always 8 females vines and 2 male vines..1967 days 24hrs
Gac fruit anyone - I am a backyard Gac grower, our production is about 35 kilo dried powder a year(orginally belgian biochemist)Growing Gac outside the tropics will not results in the superfruit ingedients.We grow organically and only harvest the pure arils, no colour or po..2757 days 22hrs

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