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Db1's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Db1 Forum Contributions
Guava tees in melbourne - Anyone growing china pear guava variety? Daleys description says exceptional flavor, how does it compares with other varieties like Mexican and pink hawaiian? Also how large is the fruit of china pear and is tree fast or slow growing? Thanks..4465 days 1hrs
Pomegranate4 - Anyone knows this dwarf Spanish variety? ..4473 days 15hrs
Pomegranate4 - Yesterday I saw 'Dwarf Spanish' variety of pomegranate plant in Bunnings here, even though it is 'dwarf' description also says it can grow upto 4m which is the case with any pomegranate I guess. Leaves of this dwarf were much smaller than any other va..4474 days 1hrs
Cuttings seeds seedlings swap - Oh ok, no worries BJ. I'll wait until winter is over then. Sorry but i dont know what fruit club u r talking abt, can u plz send me link? Thanks..4475 days 19hrs
Fig tree5 - My young fig tree is doing same, though it has only 3 figs now (I kept only 3 n removed few others to promote new growth). But tree is growing fast at this stage...4483 days 24hrs

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