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Gus8's Edible Backyard

Joined: 27/01/12 Updated: 27/01/12 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Gus8 Forum Contributions
Jaboticaba availability - I am so envious. It must be great to grow so much fruit, although i know what the processing is like. If I get too many zuchini I get a little bored of cooking them. We got a juicer recently which is pretty handy, but probably not much use with a jabot..2682 days 19hrs
Jaboticaba availability - You have a few trees don't you mike? Have you ever made jam or anything with them?..2682 days 20hrs
Jaboticaba availability - I beleive the fruit spoil very quickly (by 4 hours they are not great) so you might find it hard to buy them fresh. If you search this site you can learn a fair bit about them, and I remember somebody had managed to find some fresh ones in QLD, but said..2682 days 21hrs
Acerola - Would love to know where the fruit are disappearing. No sign of mice rats or anything. Hope you enjoy the fruit db. I think they are great...2683 days 18hrs
Acerola - Anyone notice this fruit seems to be the most pinchable fruit of the garden? Dunno if its birds or mice or what (haven't noticed any thieves), but so many of my nicely ripening fruit disappear into mid-air before I even have a chance. ..2684 days 15hrs
Mystery veg from nepal - I think chokos are underrated. They have a really nice fresh crunch to them ..2684 days 16hrs
When is a watermelon ready - Ok, picked a good rockmelon today and have decided that when they start looking like they are past their best it is good time to pick. I have given up looking for the "vital signs" of ripeness as I just don't seem to have a green thumb. ..2686 days 18hrs
Grumichama - Maybe not, Too many downloads and now I am running slow and cant seem to download pics I will try later..2686 days 18hrs
Grumichama - Ok, heres a start..2686 days 18hrs
Grumichama - Just trying to upload pics Amanda. my computer is a little slow..2686 days 18hrs
Grumichama - I live in Perth and mine are very slow growing too. I think that is just they way it is with them I know it is an old post Amanda, but did you have any luck with the phosphate? I also have a tree with dead and yellowing leaves...2687 days 5hrs
When is a watermelon ready - Ignore it then fool. If you are happy with the content then find a better way to spend your life. Do you pick on people in the real world or do they scare you too much? I just find you really weird pal. Thank you to all who have contributed to a thre..2687 days 18hrs
Selling our growing land - Hmmm John, I was in fact joking. Someone may have to take YOU in hand and explain irony to you...2687 days 20hrs
Selling our growing land - Sure, and I got in trouble cause watermelons aren't a tree. ..2688 days 6hrs
Jar sprouting beans - Think I may give fenugreek the flick then. Either that or avoid exercise. I am going to give mung beans a go as I have a bottle full of them that has sat in the back of the pantry for way too long. These sprouts are apparantly incredibly healthy so wor..2690 days 3hrs

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