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Sandi's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 29/06/20 Frost:

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Sandi Forum Contributions
What plant is this5 - Can anyone please identify this plant for me? It has red stems and a celery like leaf. It just flowered with a flower spike and lots of tiny white flowers. Thanks...444 days 22hrs
What type of orange is this - Finally a mystery citrus in my yard has fruited, and the fruit has turned out to be a small, sweet orange, with a very distinctive 'nipple' at the stalk end. Does anyone know if this is a named type of orange?..801 days 20hrs
Id neededj3 - Thanks Linton. I have eaten it a long time ago. Do you know the best way to propagate it? Is it more productive under cultivation than it appears to be in the wild? Cheers...1254 days 6hrs
Id neededj3 - Can anyone tell me the name of this vine fruit, found in wet tropics highland rainforest and a tree kangaroo food. Thanks...1256 days 3hrs
Avocados lumps in flesh - I have the same problem, but didn't know what caused it...1468 days 3hrs

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Avocados lumps in flesh - Sounds like Fruit Spotting bug, they sting the fruit and leave a hard spot in the flesh just under the skin. Can be a troublesome pest with a lot of tropical fruit..Liked Answer 1468 days 3hrs

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