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Julie25's Edible Backyard

Joined: 28/02/12 Updated: 28/02/12 Frost:
Location: Roleystone WA

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Julie25 Forum Contributions
Month guide to fruit fly controlmonitoring - I'm sure The Ag Dept has all that information - there used to be a glossy leaflet available with medfly info. Give them a ring and they'll probably send you one.(Is it called AgWest now?)..2668 days 19hrs
Kale - I was trying to avoid buying from seed companies - I only want one packet of seeds, and the postage costs start to mke it a little expensive. Works better if you need several things. Phil, they both sound interesting! My email is: julwood at iprimus do..2669 days 21hrs
Kale - Does anyone have some spare kale seeds I could buy? I can't find them for sale anywhere, seedlings either (except ornamental kale). I would prefer the softer leaf Siberian kale, or something like it - I was very disappointed with Tuscan kale a couple..2670 days 22hrs
Morning glory - Can't really answer your questions sg, as I've never grown it in a pond. Mine is not aerated, just relies on eel/ribbon grass for oxygen, which seems to work. The little pygmy perch have survived for a number of years. I don't think you would need a..2670 days 22hrs
Fruit fly control - Thanks so much Mary!..2670 days 22hrs
Fruit fly control - Fruit West and the Department of Agriculture and Food are trialling a device that attracts Mediterranean fruit flies (Medfly) and kills them after several seconds of contact. Magnet MED is the latest weapon under scrutiny by the fruit industry, aft..2670 days 22hrs
Are passionfruit leaves that delicious - Multicrop make a snail bait that also works well on slaters. It is either iron or copper based, can't remember which, but non-poisonous...2671 days 20hrs
Blueberry - Well, it seems I was wrong about the price - they were $17.99. But still good value going by what others have paid. They are actually around 75 cms - they were on a low bench and looked smaller. I bought Denise and Brigitta, really well-grown, healthy ..2672 days 19hrs
Fruit fly control - I look forward to seed when you have more success. Cheers Mary...2672 days 19hrs
Perennial coriander - I used to grow coriander in wide pots under shadecloth in summer. It didn't grow very large - I just harvested it and sowed more. But, a bit like sprouting, you have to be consistent, and I gradually forgot to keep it up...2672 days 19hrs
Fruit fly control - Well, the organza bags have been a bit of a disappointment. They may keep out fruit fly, but not birds or rats. The birds could see through the bags, and knocked peaches off the tree before they were ripe. For some weird reason they were more effective..2673 days 20hrs
Morning glory - Iguess so sg. It grows through summer, then goes to seed in cooler weather. If you have a shallow part of the pond, you could start it in a pot and then put into the pond. I built my pond with a sort of 'step' so any wildlife could get out if they fe..2674 days 19hrs
Blueberry - I can only edit once it seems. My location is Roleystone WA, in the hills - didn't come up on the first post. We have hot summers and fairly cold nights in winter, but no frost. Don't know if that makes any difference to the variety...2675 days 15hrs

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