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John53's Edible Backyard

Joined: 06/04/12 Updated: 06/04/12 Frost:
Location: sydney

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John53 Forum Contributions
Contaminated site - Set up your own test -put bugs or other insects in a container ;add suspect soil to container . See what happens to bugs . Use a control container with clean soil . Not perfect but a start...2611 days 12hrs
Encroachment of tree roots any council rules - All SG comments will be deleted . Overbearing ,self important attitude will not be tolerated on this forum...2612 days 13hrs
Encroachment of tree roots any council rules - Sounds like you are attacking the fabric of our society. If I was as po-faced as the person who deleted my post entitled "Hasta La Vista,Costa" I think I also could justify deleting this thread...2613 days 11hrs
What is wrong with my fig tree1 - It's fig leaf spot-cured by spraying Bordeaux at leaf fall and again when dormant...2615 days 13hrs
Pitanga trees - Are you sure that it is a grafted black pitanga? . Last time I saw only seedlings..2615 days 13hrs
Plum trees5 - Yo, Phil. Now don't you go giving Missy Sherry of 'Bama no plumb wrong advice, you hear. Pherormones do not control f.fly They are indicators only...2617 days 8hrs
Bayberry1 - Thanks , John Mc. The seller in HK is quoting 90% germination. I am going to stratify and then sandpaper them after 4 months . If needs be I'll eat them myself...2617 days 10hrs
Leaf burn issue help me - The standard advice is not to give newly planted fruit trees anything. As for pyrethrum ,are you using household spray or making dilutions on garden style pyrethrum? Household pyrethrum has a propellant that plants don't seem to like...2617 days 10hrs
Bayberry1 - Against my better judgement I have ,again, bought the (dud) Bayberry seeds offered on e.Bay, like a divorcee going into his third marriage I expect tru lurv this time...2617 days 12hrs
Leaf burn issue help me - Two possibilities I can think of- young plants are particularly sensitive to fertiliser burn, even Seasol. Drainage is another possibility. It needs to be very good in wet summers. Have you sprayed herbicides recently ? Incurred spray drift?..2617 days 13hrs
Feijoa8 - Gus, 'fraid there are no hydrocarbons in feijoas and you will never be able to fill the tank with feijoa juice. Maybe it's carbohydrates you had in mind. Here is what I've noticed between the varieties - Nazemetz is like an egg -one end is blunter. Lar..2620 days 5hrs
Maori berry - Yes, there is a lot of maqui business at Bunnings...2621 days 13hrs
Pruning white sapote - The answer is yes. The time does not seem to matter ;you end up with a denser , lower canopy...2623 days 13hrs
Did you know - Oh, what a rib- tickler -plants make noises! Well I never. Is there no end to such jolly japes?. ..2623 days 13hrs
Which fig variety is best in these - It's a little anemic but it looks like Black Genoa...2625 days 13hrs

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