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Mike25's Edible Backyard

Joined: 07/04/12 Updated: 07/04/12 Frost:
Location: Cairns

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Mike25 Forum Contributions
Sweet leaf bush2 - Paw paws don't seem to go feral around here.Do they look the same as the normal ones BJ? The wild cherry toms only pop up at the coolest time of the year here and seeds seem to be dormant in the wet season...2625 days 4hrs
Naranjilla2 - BJ it sounds like mine also with nasty thorns and masses of sour fruit.I think it is the sour Asian one used in paw paw salad and a variety of dishes.I hacked mine with a cane knife thisarvo and ripped seedlings out.I also would like to know how to use kg..2625 days 4hrs
Garlic - I have problems with the big brown bandicoots and long nosed bandicoots digging plants up.They mostly seem to be digging for worms and soil insects and come more often in the dry season or when I put smelly fertiliser out.My duck and goose proof fence aro..2625 days 4hrs
Sweet leaf bush2 - SG come to think of it my common coriander self sows,birds eye chillies pop up and the wild cherry tomatoes do as well.The wild cherry tomatoes send out runners up to 3 or 4m in all directions and have profusions of extra sweet and tasty,tiny and thin ski..2625 days 5hrs
Queensland potatoes1 - Lucy it was white inside and I think all lesser yams (D.esculenta) are.The water yam (D.alata) is purple inside and I have not tasted those yet.Water yams are rounder with rougher skin and lesser yams are kinda egg shaped. ..2626 days 5hrs
Queensland potatoes1 - Well howdy Lucy, lesser yams are supposed to take 9 -12 months and sweet potatoes 4 -8 months.The bac ha has been 'dead' for 4 years and then the pepper took over the spot,but 2 little ones popped up. It is hard to believe Townsville just 360km down th..2626 days 5hrs
Garlic - Brendan mine are that close as well and I have nearly 40 garlics,30 asian purple shallots and 30ish asian red shallots.The spring onions might have to sit this season out because they are too slow...2626 days 6hrs
Queensland potatoes1 - I have identified 2 mystery edible elephant ears in my yard.Alocasia odora with edible leaf stalks (bac ha in vietnamese) was given to me years ago and I found a stray one growing.Xanthosoma was given to me as an unusual taro.With my chicken last night I ..2626 days 8hrs
Did you know - VF the insects look even more fake.The macleays spectres attack my trees, but it is muellers stag beetles and hercules moths that are eye openers...2627 days 9hrs
Sweet leaf bush2 - It's funny Mary I rip out seedlings of those,naranjillas,lemon basil,hot basil,birdseye chillies,jicama and bitter melon and in the past perennial coriander.They pop up everywhere and need to be controlled...2627 days 12hrs
Sweet leaf bush2 - Mary they were seedlings actually, ripped out from under the big ones.The white marks are normal.Your ones look pretty healthy...2627 days 12hrs
Cuttings seeds seedlings swap - No worries Phil, I hope there are a few things of interest.One of these days I might send a few plants and seeds that had to sit this trip out...2627 days 13hrs
Sweet leaf bush2 - Seed grown ones might do better.Maybe I never sent seeds...2627 days 13hrs
Pomegranate6 - I think it is the temps being too high that hold back the wonderfuls.The thai ones grow in hot humid places and fruit prolifically...2627 days 13hrs
Cuttings seeds seedlings swap - Phil,Jantina parcels are in the mail and ETA is Wednesday.Phil I had planned to also have taros,xanthosoma,amber jackfruit,jicama pods,various herb cuttings but they couldn't be squeezed under the limit.You may need ICU ready to roll for the pepper.Janti..2627 days 15hrs

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