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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveSpring Catalogue is Available Nowfathers day couponBuy 3 get 1 FREE bare root stock

Big Mumma's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Big Mumma Forum Contributions
Fruit fly control - Hey does anyone know the trick to growing long leaf corriander as the seed is so small and germination is sparce??..2400 days 18hrs
Fruit fly control - Have just viewed the a garden full of tomatoes without fruit fly. They were cover in a net called netpro, it looks like it works really well to keep them out. have just ordered some from netpro.com.au. Pretty cheap too!! Hope it works for me too...2445 days 8hrs
Fruit fly control - Lebaycid's main ingredient is fenthion. This will be going off the Australian market soon and replaced with a similar chemical, so buy up!! Also I was at the Sunday markets in Albury last weekend and bought avocado's grown in Glenrowan in Victoria, ..2677 days 13hrs
Fruit fly control - We have used eco lure for two years with little or no control of the fruit fly. We are vilgent with our fruit tree's in picking up every last piece of fruit. Have found that Lybacid works well in conjuction with Wild May. After many years of the fly, NO ..2690 days 10hrs

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