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Joined: 23/04/12 Updated: 23/04/12 Frost:
Location: Cairns

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Encroachment of tree roots any council rules - Especially if a cyclinder worth of micronutrients and tub of borax lands on top of that...2618 days 13hrs
Jaboticaba4 - Oh yeah Kim could always throw a bit of sulphur around and load it with mulch.The concrete on both sides might give it a hard life if it stays put. ..2618 days 13hrs
Jaboticaba4 - I didn't look at kim's plants before and there are similarities.I think surrounding an acid preferring plant with alkali concrete could cause nutrient problems like the P,mg and some trace element balances. The climates are certainly very different esp..2618 days 13hrs
Encroachment of tree roots any council rules - Councils and dept of justice grapple with definition of nuisance trees,risk to infrastructure,owners etc and usually don't want to get involved.For tree roots unless they are threatening public utilities it could be difficult.Sometimes it is better to se..2618 days 14hrs
Jaboticaba4 - Phoenix might not be a good comparason as it is more like Alice Springs but a little drier,hotter in Summer and colder in Winter.They like full sun in the tropics in spite of very high UV, but the higher humidity is also to their liking...2618 days 14hrs
Jaboticaba4 - Amanda they'll be correct I'd say and it does look like what you'd see in woodchip and surface woody mulch.It must be pretty coarse and right through for it to last so long.I suppose if the plants are ok then it is best not to mess with them too much...2618 days 14hrs
Encroachment of tree roots any council rules - I bet the council wouldn't fine people now for clearing fire breaks.Owners who engage in recreational dozing of threatened regional ecosytems under the banner of making fire breaks should cop it.A modest firebreak and taking out trees posing fire risks e..2618 days 15hrs
Jaboticaba4 - I looked at that picture and I have seen similar cottony fungi in breaking down mulch.Most of the time it is ok and just decomposers but I wouldn't welcome it.You probably already have mycorrhizae in the roots.I would scoop it out but the mycelia could b..2618 days 15hrs
Jaboticaba4 - Amanda I have not seen anything published on the association in jabs in particular but would be shocked if they had no such symbiotic arrangement.Nearly all trees do but with some annuals and entire groups like brassica there is no association.Truffles ar..2618 days 16hrs
Cuttings seeds seedlings swap - It must be karma but when I send a package not long afterwards good seeds and plants always seem to fall into my lap unexpectedly.I think to myself I should have had these yesterday or last week and I could have sent some off...2618 days 17hrs
Encroachment of tree roots any council rules - SG there was a time when I was like you.I had a huge jacaranda and leucaena squeezing me on one side and silky oak,glochidions,bleeding hearts and others rooting and hanging over my side.Boy did those stray roots hoover up alot of 'apple sauce'.Now the ..2618 days 17hrs

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