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Chassis's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: tamworth

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Chassis Forum Contributions
Maqui berry - The berries from my bearing trees, are turning purple. They are only tiny, hoping they will grow a little before I try them...2169 days 23hrs
Maqui berry - Well mixed results with these. I seem to have about 5 female plants and two male. They have produced lots of flowers this year, I forgot to water them and 3 of them dropped their flowers straight away. These plants love water. I have two with fruit! So fa..2192 days 22hrs
Maqui berry - I have noticed that these trees like a shaded canopy or at least shade. One died I grew in full sun, I have 4 under canopy of a tree and they are thriving. My other 8 are in the open, and they are suffering. I have grown these for 3 years. Hoping the fr..2724 days 0hrs
Maqui berry - My trees did not flower this year. I suspect it was poor weather, with the hail that knocked them around. They are looking very burnt on the tops as we have had 44 degree heat here. I have given them some great compost out of my compost tumbler, and a goo..2847 days 2hrs
Maqui berry - I enjoy reading all your comments and tips. I am uploading some pictures of mine they are now a couple of years old. No sign of flowers or fruit. The tops of them were shreaded a couple of weeks ago by hail, but have quickly branched out of the broken ste..2900 days 6hrs

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Maqui berry - Hi John! I have decided to split strategies with mine. I have one simple layer going on, two air layerings and 3 cuttings. I took the cuttings from this seasons vigorous new growth and have them "potted" up in a 1.25L soda bottle with moist coir pe..Liked Answer 2900 days 6hrs

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