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Lamboinoz's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Sydney

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Lamboinoz Forum Contributions
Seville orange - Thanks VF. I've now got 8 seedlings up and like you I scratched around a couple of days ago also finding the last seeds with emerging roots. Julie is a packer par excellence. Janita, I got 3 single stems, 1 triple and 4 doubles. Here's something f..3298 days 15hrs
Seville orange - Of the 10 seeds that received some unfortunate neglect before planting, the first seedling showed up at exactly 3 1/2 weeks, another 3 over the following 3 days, another a day later and I was happy at 50% germination, given the circumstances. Then yester..3309 days 22hrs
Seville orange - Yes, I'm afraid they might have sat in the mailbox for a week - I was away. They smelled a little musty but looked ok, didn't float and I'll just hope for even a small percentage of germination. Nothing so far but still hoping...3334 days 21hrs
Seville orange - Julie, I just got your seeds. I'm off to put them up now. I'm ridiculously excited by this. Thank you so much. Fingers crossed. ..3343 days 14hrs
Seville orange - After years (!) of submissions about marmalade - the best orange marm without doubt - finally Jakfruit mentioned his Cuban pork dishes. I'm from LA originally and living in Aus for most of my life, have always used the orange/lime/grapefruit/vinegar com..3407 days 20hrs

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