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7209's Edible Backyard

Joined: 30/08/12 Updated: 30/08/12 Frost:
Location: geraldton

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7209 Forum Contributions
Seville orange - virginia 7209 hi jilie this is me post box number 271 geraldton WA..2019 days 12hrs
Seville orange - Virginia again cumquats just are different so hopeful for a seed please sometime Julie cheers ..2025 days 11hrs
Seville orange - Virginia here again Prue have been to Pass st just now and he does have lovely citrus nut no Seville and doesent get them he said . Maybe I will have a look at cumquats . Anyway thanx for the idea. V ..2026 days 16hrs
Seville orange - well I cant seem to use my name Virginia on the blog any more so am using the number 7209 that's really me Virginia and thankyou to you Julie will wait my turn for a seed. 40 years ago a friend of mums made seville orange marmalade from a tree in Ham..2029 days 11hrs
Seville orange - thnx Prue thats Mr Gannons isn't it ? I have been there a few times he's very nice and the plants I purchased have grown well. I will have a look for the orange tree in hope they are Sevilles...2029 days 11hrs
Seville orange - Hi Julie Virginia here I have also been hopeful of a seed sometome of your sevile orange but am happy to wait.was on your list. am in geraldton so thanks for keeping us all up to date and I'll keep hoping vrice at westnet dot com dotau ..2031 days 11hrs

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