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PhilC's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Bega Valley

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PhilC Forum Contributions
Seville orange - Hi, I have three of Julie's Seville seed progeny to give away. They are all in 16 cm pots and range from 120 mm to 140 mm high, green and healthy. They have been on the edge of the verandah, facing north, to harden off for several months. I don'..3825 days 16hrs
Seville orange - Hi Julie, Got the new seeds today. Many thanks.. This time I split them with some in the seed raising kit on a heat mat and under lights in seed raising mix, and some in open trays on the verandah in potting mix. Have marked November 17 as germi..4261 days 6hrs
Seville orange - Hi Julie, I got one seedling up at 24 days, but nothing more (at 30 days now). I have one good plant, but if you have spare seeds, I would appreciate a few more. Thanks...4267 days 8hrs
Seville orange - Hi Julie, The seeds arrived in the post today. They are already in a seed raising kit, on a heat mat, under a light. Looking forward to germination... I have put a book of stamps into an envelope for you and will post next time I go to town, p..4297 days 6hrs
Seville orange - Hi Julie, I have been on the road collecting used farm machinery, and just got back to see all that transpired above. I would be delighted to get some seeds. Thank you. My email address is phil dot chadwick at internode dot on dot net. Cheers..4308 days 7hrs

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