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Lenn1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 09/10/12 Updated: 09/10/12 Frost:
Location: sydney

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Lenn1 Forum Contributions
Fruit fly control - What was said was that females won't enter small holes ; males certainly do and that is what you're catching. ..2414 days 22hrs
Poor fruit set - Did you prune off last year"s growth and thereby removed the fruiting wood?..2414 days 22hrs
Grafting7 - Sometimes, on plums, for instance, I leave the rootstock one branch in order to have another pollinator. ..2417 days 16hrs
What will grow best in my climate - Not a lot . Jujubes should work . ..2418 days 19hrs
Nectarine tree diseases - It is bacterial canker...2418 days 19hrs
Fruit for cool climate - Why do you not have apples ,pears , stone fruit ,strwabs and raspberies?..2420 days 21hrs
Forbidden fruits cherimoya - May I ask where you obtained Campa? I don't think Adelaide is atemoya territory ;stick with cherimoyas...2423 days 16hrs
Forbidden fruits cherimoya - F.F. is ,how shall I say, a little uncertain . Don't buy the cherimoya unless independently verifiable..2423 days 21hrs
Fruit fly control - If you own a Rega pump sprayer you can certainly spray a colloidal suspension of clay without clogging...2424 days 21hrs
Fruit fly control - There's no need to buy Kaolin from Agnova . Kaolin is used by potters and, in clay soil country, the dams are filled with fine clay particles that should be just as effective...2425 days 23hrs
Black sapote edge of leaves going black - pH of 6 to 7 best but I read they can cope with more alkaline soils if mineral deficiencies are rectified...2426 days 16hrs
Fruit fly control - Bugs for Bugs is kinda expensive and, if at all possible, buy from where THEY buy their stuff. Afterall they don't make it...2434 days 22hrs
Fruit fly control - Yes, splash baits are good for low to moderate infestations. Lebaycid is still available in the east. As alternatives there are Rogor and Dipterex. Not nice, I know but do you suppose the fruit in the shops is insecticide free?..2434 days 22hrs
Tree choice - You are my problem ,J. I've seen 50 y.olds give birth but that is not the way to go. At Mildura the growers protect their trees from frost by all sorts of means . To recommend that someone who is clearly inexperienced, to grow mangos and avos in Wagga is..2435 days 12hrs
Tree choice - Neither. Try something realistic...2435 days 20hrs

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