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Lenn's Edible Backyard

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Lenn Forum Contributions
No to option g - I fully support the excellent thing you are doing; but please be careful of the defamation laws in our litigious society . Some of these developers have deep pockets and tame lawyers...2093 days 13hrs
Are we heading towards peak fertiliser - Do you know why you have cease to hear about 'peak oil'. No? Well it's because new drilling technologies have made the term invalid. Peak fertiliser?? I doubt it...2212 days 14hrs
Germinating seeds - I.ve germinate a lot of cherimoyas or rather they just popped up where I ate . The seedling fruit is generally equal to grafted fruit but the number of fruit per tree is a lot fewer...2238 days 13hrs
Mango tree disease3 - Nice one. You could record distress calls of bats and play them as well...2252 days 16hrs
Termites and mulch - Checked out the INTRIGUE web site and oddly they don't seem entirely confident in the killing of termite nests with the chiton inhibitor alone . They recommend use of a neo- nicotinoid insecticide as well...2252 days 16hrs
Termites and mulch - Not in agreement about having active termites in the garden and the statement that it does not matter. It's a bit like having the Hell's Angels as neighbours. The advice I obtained on a course WAS TO identify infected trees by inserting a thermometer i..2259 days 16hrs
Will these tropical trees grow in melbourne - Arrrgh! Custard apple , do you mean atemoya or cherimoya? Big difference in temperature range...2266 days 15hrs
Plum trees bleeding - It may not be gummosis . Similar symptoms occur when a tree is stressed by drought ,insect attack etc. Be sure to use copper sprays when dormant...2357 days 14hrs
Dates1 - 'The vast majority of people' have no say in Iranian policy - but trading with them or, rather, not trading with them is the least violent option for modifying Iranian Govt. policy. Jantina,it is evident that you are an exceptionally fine person and, ..2368 days 12hrs
Dates1 - I understand there are trade sanctions in place while ever Iran pursues nuclear weapons. Our motto>> don't trade with people that hate you...2368 days 17hrs
Karakaberry - I,too, have bought a punnet ; each berry has at least 6 seeds. The trouble comes with the low germination rate . Several articles talk about 98% sulphuric acid pre treatment. Battery acid is around 30% and it will ahve to do, I suppose. Any ideas?..2377 days 11hrs
Kwai muk1 - Small but perfect Kwai Muks on a tree, 3 y.o in western Sydney. Frost down to minus 2 deg C and tree is just 1.8 M tall...2381 days 17hrs
Importing new fruit trees - Everytime, alright most times, you suspect a conspiracy it turns out in fact to be a stuff-up. Has anyone wondered why NZ, despite having Fireblight, still manages to land apples in Australia cheaper than we can grow them...2381 days 17hrs
Red bayberry - What is the "recommended strength" Of G.A. ,Phil? I have seen 1,000ppm and 500ppm ; which did you use?..2385 days 16hrs
Owl falcon garden deterrents - My cockatoos leave most fruit alone-they will,however, take apples for the seeds inside and spit out the rest. Same with passionfruit..2385 days 16hrs

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