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MaryT1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 27/01/13 Updated: 27/01/13 Frost:
Location: Sydney

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MaryT1 Forum Contributions
Fig black picone - Does anyone have one of these? Please leave feedback. I asked Kath at Daleys if they're the same as Black Genoa; she said they're quite different so I ordered one. They had quite a few but suddenly there are only two left...1615 days 10hrs
Pawpaws - Correy posted a picture on this thread (15th January 2008) of a tree fruiting in a small pot. Scroll up the page to see it...1623 days 12hrs
Pawpaws - yes, I have grown pawpaw in a pot and the tree fruited well...1623 days 17hrs
Fig nicolena - ummm; obviously from the same parent, ivepeters if they're from Yalca. ..1626 days 9hrs
Fig nicolena - Actually my BP is not looking good vict though it has pushed out some figs. The leaves all look mottled and rusty. I might remove them all and hope that new leaves will be free of virus...1626 days 10hrs
Fig nicolena - The figs on my Blue Provence are still green, vict. Waiting to see if they turn blue :)..1626 days 22hrs
Fig nicolena - vict when they are ripe they look fat and heavy, they droop from the stem, they open at the end and sometimes you see nectar oozing out. They also yield to light pressure...1627 days 6hrs
Etrog citron - Mark did you save the seeds of that fruit? I sprouted some of my Etrog and now have some cute seedlings...1630 days 7hrs
Weeping mulberry trunk - Hi Deb, if the tree is otherwise healthy then the splitting of bark may be a result of a fast growth spurt (is it a young tree?) and is natural and nothing to worry about. If it shows other signs of deterioration then you may need to look closer for othe..1633 days 13hrs
Bunya - There's a tree near Pennant Hills Station in Sydney. Once my friend saw the split cones on the ground and started collecting the nuts. He soon drew a crowd and competitors when people realised that they are edible.:)..1633 days 14hrs
Tamarillos and pomegranates - I find that in Sydney, September is the magical month for striking cuttings; success rate is highest then...1634 days 16hrs
Black mulberry question - Thanks Linton. I did give away my mulberry because it got too big and it's now fruiting at someone else's place. Wish I knew to prune it severely then...1639 days 16hrs
Where can i buy ackee fruit tree - Hi JohnMc1 - what size grow bags are those?..1641 days 15hrs
Citrus bugs - Thanks for the link, Brendan. My 'white oil' is homemade and not the product in the shops, I say white oil for want of another name. I'm sure Pest Oil would work as well though I'm not sure what you mean by 'better'...1642 days 11hrs
Citrus bugs - I am getting a few stink bugs on my citrus trees ( I have 27 mature fruiting citrus plus a number of younger ones); it's no wonder since my neighbours' trees are covered in them. I usually remove them when they are orange and easy to spot but a few has..1642 days 16hrs

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