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Bare root fruit trees last chance for 2022
Bare root fruit trees last chance for 2022Gardening AustraliaJuicy MangoAstringent and non-astringent varieties

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Dragon fruit growing in melbourne - thanks for all the feedback i am looking forward to begin my dragon fruit experience. it will probably be easier in a pot so it can be moved around in the summer and winter for better protection. just with the posts though if i put a large timbre..4153 days 11hrs
Dragon fruit growing in melbourne - I JUST BOUGHT A VIETNAM DRAGON FRUIT BABY TREE AND JUST NEED TO KNOW WHAT TIPS PEOPLE CAN GIVE ME ABOUT GROWING IT IN MELBOURNE? - What soil/fertiliser should I use? - How often do I need to water it? - How quick will it grow here? - How long should..4155 days 7hrs
Red dragon fruit pitaya hylocereus - Basically I am buying the Vietnam Dragon Fruit for the first time and have NO IDEA on what I need to do to keep it healthy and alive. It says they self pollinate but I dont know what exactly it is I am suppose to do to make it bloom and fruit. Do i ..4157 days 9hrs
Red dragon fruit pitaya hylocereus - Im looking at buying the Red Dragon fruit today to grow it from a baby. In small print the description says it requires cross polination im not sure what this means and what I have to do to grow this tree in my yard in Melbourne. Please Help!..4157 days 12hrs

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