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Y3yrr's Edible Backyard

Joined: 05/06/13 Updated: 05/06/13 Frost:
Location: sydney

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Y3yrr Forum Contributions
Cherry tree help2 - It appears to be a fugal spot problem . The recommended spray for cherry trees is either Bordeaux or lime sulphur applied during dormancy ...2147 days 16hrs
Engalls seedless mandarin - Yes, I agree ;mild flavoured but v. good.Also it is very early and v. cold hardy...2151 days 17hrs
Whats ripe now - I recommend the "self-guided tour" at 7am before any staff arrive. Especially delightful is the fruit tasting --all gratis...2152 days 15hrs
Whats ripe now - And ,boy, do they charge!, even for walking through a garden...2152 days 16hrs
Kei apple2 - No one else with KEI Apple?..2153 days 11hrs
Kei apple2 - I did a bit of research and it seems hardwood is the go. No harm in trying new growth, as well. I have 2 large trees and can swap any size or number for yours...2155 days 10hrs
Black jujube - No, none of the jujubes make you horny...2159 days 12hrs
Blueberry burst - Yes, I was looking for a giant blueberry rather than a dwarf...2197 days 10hrs
Anzac peach chill hours - As I understand it the "Royals" have been released to growers and apparently some people other than growers have got hold of them...2202 days 10hrs
Custard apples5 - Agree that the buds of cherimoya are enclosed in the petiole--but then how can cutting off said leaves help with flowering?..2202 days 10hrs
Anzac peach chill hours - Hi Anon. I think Chittaway will not grow Stella. There are some very low chill cherries just released called Minnie Royal and Royal Lee which probably will go OK. I would be very wary of someone who says he gets good crops of cherries in Wyong. water or ..2203 days 10hrs
Anzac peach chill hours - Where are you anonymous? I am growing Anzac successfully in an area too warm for cherries but more than adequate for all stone fruit other than the cherry. I'd say Anzac is around 500 hrs. chill..2204 days 15hrs
Daisy mandarin - Well said , Boris . However the Hickson does not taste good in cooler climes...2206 days 16hrs
Are we heading towards peak fertiliser - Phosphorus was originally isolated from human urine where it happily resides waiting for the day it is economically viable to 'mine'. I read some Sweden does use public urinals for agriculture. As for potassium there are huge deposits in Canada ,recentl..2208 days 16hrs
Are we heading towards peak fertiliser - PS check Julie's warning about Zeiger Genetics being a GM technology. After this statement was comprehensively debunked ,the same Julie comes back a few months later and states it again. Her explanation --'someone told me'...2209 days 11hrs

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