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New2Maqui's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Bobs Farm

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New2Maqui Forum Contributions
Maqui berry - I am willing to try any propagation technique to get these going. I am happy to share any/all results as they emerge, though with my inexperience, most failures are bound to be gardener error. Your air layering technique is almost identical to what I tr..2898 days 8hrs
Maqui berry - Hi John! I have decided to split strategies with mine. I have one simple layer going on, two air layerings and 3 cuttings. I took the cuttings from this seasons vigorous new growth and have them "potted" up in a 1.25L soda bottle with moist coir pe..2900 days 9hrs
Maqui berry - I am going to try air layering mine now, as well as taking a couple of cuttings toward the end of the summer. I am hoping to get at least 4 more this way. I will try a variety of cutting raising regimes to see what works best and I will report back. ..2905 days 7hrs
Maqui berry - I don't get my macquis. I thought I had 2 females and one male; however, at this point, despite three having flowered, I only have berries on one. The status of my four trees are as follows: 1 - berrying a handful of berries, seemingly at the expens..2915 days 8hrs
Maqui berry - Hey Rob, I am getting flower buds on one of my maquis... Very exciting! One of the others is dying/dead. It was the weakest of the five with only one branch. I am still watering it in the hope that it may come back in the spring because some oth..2980 days 20hrs

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