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SalsaTree's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Brisbane CBD

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

SalsaTree Forum Contributions
Black sapote not growing - Hello Patrick in Geelong, Your plant looks sick. It's going to need some TLC to bring it back. Looks like a systemic issue of unknown origin, but I suspect it has to do with water or temperature. Plant will be happiest between 15-25 degrees, you could s..2705 days 6hrs
Black sapote not growing - To those that are having trouble with black mould on leaves - don't confuse it with bark forming as I first did. Keep an eye on it and if it is not the fresh green growth growing its bark layer...it could be mould. Bark grows up the trunk and out the br..2705 days 7hrs
Black sapote not growing - On a separate point, the same tree (as above) also has these spots. They appeared about 1 year ago and if I look underneath I can see a drop of clear liquid on the understand of the leaf (corresponding with the dots as shown on top in photos). I have no ..2705 days 8hrs
Black sapote not growing - These photos go with my above post about determining the sex of a tree and pollination. I got the age wrong above too as this tree was germinated in July 2011. This tree is just 2.1 years old. Any advice you could offer to help me bring this tree to fruit..2705 days 8hrs

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