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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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For those of you who like precision - Absolutely Incredible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1L15xehfEA ..1402 days 6hrs
Can apple cactus grow in pots - No, you don't need cross pollination. You'd definitely be up against it in Adelaide. Worth a shot though, worst comes to worst you end up with a beautiful cactus. In their native habitat they are pollinated by bats and specialized insects which we d..1405 days 24hrs
Pots for plants you care about - Yep, I've done that. What you don't want to do is use a masonry bit....I tried this and it was a disaster. You want a steel bit running at very high oscillations. Don't start small and go up, you'll split the clay--same deal for trying to bore out t..1406 days 4hrs
Pond lining to seal wooden bed interior - Reckon it will work? Was thinking of using this stuff fixed with gorilla glue. http://www.ebay.com/itm/5-x-5-EPDM-rubber-pond-liner-koi-pond-45-mil-thick-/111703026964?hash=item1a0204ed14..1406 days 5hrs
Sunrise lime inside - US will never be able to compete with Australia, Thailand and South America because of citrus psyllid--it is destroying the US citrus industry...1406 days 9hrs
Can apple cactus grow in pots - Apple cactus will grow and fruit in a large pot, yes. There is no difference in flavor between skin coloring; cereus perevianus is cereus pervianus. Make sure you do get a C. Peruvianus however as some Trichocereus are virtually indistinguishable to t..1406 days 12hrs
Steve jones - BK are you after a laptop or a desktop? Whatever you do, DO NOT get an AMD chipset...make sure you go intel. I can link you a monster desktop (yes, with an SSD) that will be future proof for at least 5 years. Total cost is around 2k. ..1406 days 12hrs
Steve jones - Well, Malwarebytes will remove most Malware. It' easier to set up your pc so you don't get it. Start by running firefox with addons--a good addon is WOT (web of trust) which pings for sites that contain browser jackers/malware, and addblock plus filters i..1407 days 3hrs
Canistel sun tolerance - Cool. What about green sapote? Wouldn't b much different than the ross surely?..1407 days 8hrs
Steve jones - got this little gem of spam in my burn email recently. It's a newy: Hello, I am Steve Jones. I would like to place an order from you and have it shipped with a shipping company I have used several times in the past. Before placing an order with you, I ..1407 days 9hrs
Canistel sun tolerance - I have a very large raised bed which I'm thinking I could fit some canistel trees in, but it's in a REALLY hot, sunny position. I can give them excellent soil and water--but will they take the heat?..1407 days 10hrs
Sunrise lime inside - Carl; I'd wager that has to with Byron sunrise being a lower producer. Incidentally Byron sunrise is a beautiful, ornamental tree--definitely the most attractive finger lime. The colour of the pulp is amazing too. Jackfruit calamansi/ calamondin are..1407 days 14hrs
Sunrise lime inside - No Carl, crimson tide has black skin and very large, very red caviar. Byron Sunrise is still a very good CV though, downside is the fruit are quite small and stubby...1407 days 23hrs
Sunrise lime inside - Never met a Kumquat I've liked Jackfruit. Is the Miewa good enough to eat fresh out hand--any bitterness?..1408 days 1hrs
Sunrise lime inside - Crimson tide can be eaten of hand fresh, definitely the sweetest and least sour variety. If you get the chance to get it, definitely do...1408 days 2hrs

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