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Ylr's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:

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Guava tees in melbourne - I have mango trees but 2 years it didn't bore fruit but this year it has :( idon't know why and what did i do... I like guava tree, cause I'm juicing guavas too, good source of vit C. I used a centrifugal juicer on speed level 3 and just washed th..2833 days 14hrs
Fruits and vegetables juice - thats also good wok cooking..It is also important to clean your wok after each use. Also season your wok before using it for the first time. Seasoning removes the preservative oil manufacturers place on the wok to prevent rust, replacing it with a light c..2833 days 14hrs
Fruits and vegetables juice - Jason, "Jason says... I try not to eat any grains, well rice is the occasional exception and drink veggie juice quite often. It helps. No grains I would say is of far more long term health benefit than anything else you can do. It takes a loooong time ..2844 days 18hrs
Fruits and vegetables juice - Jantina, you're right it seems not all gets the same results when they turn to juicing fruits and vegetables, some are positive, some are not. One thing is for sure though, we really can benefit from this juicing given the fact that we still get nutrient..2858 days 18hrs
Fruits and vegetables juice - Thanks for all your ideas :) at least we can all share what we know. that's how a thread should be. People reading would learn from us all. I think just don't overdo juicing. For some people it is beneficial but i guess for some its not. Some prefer..2876 days 21hrs

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Mango tree not fruiting - My neighbor has a huge mango tree in his back yard. They had been in the house for 15 years and never had one mango on it. Last year he has massive amounts of mangos on it and this year as well. When I asked him what he did to encourage the tree to f..Liked Answer 2877 days 16hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - Hi, I came across this forum while looking for a site to show me how to prune my very large mango tree. Just read most of your posts and want to add my 2 cents worth. My tree is 22 years old. Given to my son when he was a toddler and planted with the hel..Liked Answer 2877 days 16hrs
Giant mangoes - My dad-in-law is from Goa and knows there is a malcorado (aka mankurad) mango which is being grown in Perth. One of these years I'll have to go to india and check all these varieties out properly. It would be fruiting now, so I'll try to get my hands on..Liked Answer 2877 days 16hrs
Overwintering sweet potato vine or tubers - Here's another interesting recipe: Candied Sweet Potatoes Ingredients: 6 pcs medium size sweet potatoes 1/2 cup syrup water for boiling 2 tbsps water 1/4 cup butter 1/4 cup brown sugar How to make Candied Sweet Potatoes Wash sweet pota..Liked Answer 2877 days 16hrs

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