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Loewenzahn's Edible Backyard

Joined: 20/11/13 Updated: 20/11/13 Frost:
Location: KATOOMBA,2780,NSW

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Loewenzahn Forum Contributions
Bloodroot - I bought a goldenseal plant from all rare herbs and it had a shoot but the shoot seems to be dead. I hope it can grow another shoot, but I guess that won't happen...582 days 16hrs
Reliable quality tap timer - Hi, we bought already a couple of tap timers none of them were good and they all start blowing up or leaking after a short while. The only exception so far was one timer from hoselink, but first it does only intervalls that means it waters as well at nigh..583 days 9hrs
Chaenomeles speciosa - Thanks! Probably the fruit producing variety rasa is not available in Australia. My thought was that this would be a great tree since it is so small!..676 days 14hrs
Chaenomeles speciosa - Chaenomeles Speciosa or Japanese Quince, I think it is an interesting fruit as the tree is very small. I read that the yields are very variable from seed, and that there is a cultivar named 'rasa', is this cultivar or another good cultivar available somew..679 days 8hrs
Goji berry2 - I still don't have a gojiberry!!! Is it better grown from seed or from cuttings? Are there cultivars? And: who would sell me some cuttings (in case they travel well)?..724 days 10hrs
Group order myrica rubra chinese yumberry - Sounds like an interesting berry, were can I buy one?..776 days 7hrs
Okinawa spinach - It is a superfood. Sydney? I want to grow it in Katoomba, but that's probably too cold???..776 days 7hrs
Passionfruit vine - If it really has been poisoned I think it's dead. The only thing I could think of is digging it out and chucking it in a bucket f water ro leach the poisons...792 days 16hrs
Jostaberry1 - Never heard of espaliering josta, but why not? They also need water and a bit of an acid soil...801 days 5hrs
Jostaberry1 - I don't think it is an understory plant. Generally, it grows in the shade but does not fruit well in the shade. There could be another factor: in our region there is a pesky worm(??) Which eats a hole, eats the inside of the stem and further up it flies o..804 days 11hrs
Alpine strawberry - I sell alpine strawberry plants and I got the seeds from strawberry seed store. The seeds are good, however, they take a long time and without a watering system it might be difficult. Otherwise it is easy to grow from seed, only patience is needed. I use ..804 days 11hrs
Elder flowers - I think that most of the elderberries sold in Australia are sterile. That is the reason they are called elderflower - nevertheless nurseries still describe the value of the fruit. Does anyone know more?..836 days 14hrs
Hippophae rhaminoides sea buckthorn - ARe there any cultivars of the seabuckthorn in Australia - bigger berries and less vivious spines?..867 days 11hrs
Asimina tribolaamerican pawpaw temperate custard apple - I just bought some seeds from the USA over ebay - what do you reckon plant them immediately and wait for spring or fridge (I don't have much luck in the fridge)but I want that plant!!!! ..871 days 11hrs
Fruit tree for shade pot - It depends were you are what climate? Is Frenchs forest a location?..872 days 6hrs

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