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Ohana's Edible Backyard

Joined: 20/01/15 Updated: 20/01/15 Frost:
Location: DOOLBI,4660,QLD

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Ohana Forum Contributions
Canistel yellow sapote not fruiting - Hi all, We have a couple of Canistel trees growing in red soil in the Bundaberg region. However, they never fruit. They get to flower but never form any fruit, no matter what I try! Anyone have any thoughts on why this may be? Thanks! Josh ..1051 days 15hrs
Exotic fruit disease identification - Hi fruit disease experts! I am experiencing some mummifying of fruit and I have no idea what is causing it. The main tree affected is the Star Apple, but I have also noticed it on the White Sapote and on the Grumichama. Tried researching it to no avail a..1362 days 15hrs
Carambola fruit dropping green - We have three star fruit trees and they keep dropping a lot of their fruit still green. Any idea why fruit is dropping before being ripe to pick? Thanks heaps! Josh ..1411 days 10hrs
Exotic fruit identification - Thanks heaps, I would have never guessed them! I just have two more, if you don't mind helping again :) Cheers ..1551 days 7hrs
Exotic fruit identification - Hi all, Have a few trees on a recently purchased property and struggling to identify. Any help much appreciated. Cheers Josh..1551 days 8hrs

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