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Pete7's Edible Backyard

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Hedge plants not growing - They're the "e;Goodbye Neighbour"e; Lilly Pilly. You can't see in the photo but there's 32 of them in a row to cover the fence. I did check the pH (about 5 if I remember correctly) but couldn't find any info online about the correct pH for Lilly..2052 days 24hrs
Hedge plants not growing - Hi everyone, Can anyone offer any theories as to why this section of my Goodbye Neighbour hedge plants aren't growing? As you can see, the rest of the hedge is growing great. I'm wondering if there's some old tree roots causing problems but short o..2062 days 22hrs
Golden raspberries - I had a poke around in the pot today and there was nothing but clover. Jakfruit etiquette.... the seeds were cold stratified but it appears there was indeed either a mix up or I was ripped off. cheers Pete..2579 days 15hrs
Golden raspberries - Thanks everyone for your responses. I sprouted the seeds in jiffy pots filled with seed raising mix before planting in the larger pot, so will cut out the clover and see what if anything is left. cheers Pete..2584 days 10hrs
Golden raspberries - Hi everyone, I bought some golden raspberry seeds from eBay to try and grow for a bit of fun, and the pictures below are what I've ended up with. I have several types of red raspberry in my garden and what's grown from these seeds looks nothing like m..2587 days 20hrs

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Golden raspberries - You've grown yourself a pot of weeds; clover. These probably grew from the potting mix rather than any seeds you bought...Liked Answer 2584 days 10hrs
Golden raspberries - Maybe a mixup? That's clover!..Liked Answer 2584 days 10hrs
Golden raspberries - That is clover...Liked Answer 2584 days 10hrs
Golden raspberries - wellllll - Its a weed - Oxalis Oca has bigger leaves and never seen it flower. I suggest these came up out of your potting mix and maybe the raspberry are still hidden below - get scissors and remove oxalis leaves carefully. Dont chuck out yet - Give m..Liked Answer 2584 days 10hrs
Honey gold mango - Hi Pete, a friend put me onto a bloke who lives in Payneham who has a HG tree about 8 years old so I contacted him and went there to get some budwood, the tree looks good so am hoping it definitely is HG but won't be 100% sure until it fruits. ..Liked Answer 2618 days 11hrs
Honey gold mango - Hi Pete7, You can find R2E2 mango's from your local Asian grocery store - they generally stock alot more tropical fruit than your conventional shop...Liked Answer 3023 days 11hrs
Honey gold mango - Hi Pete, depending upon the temp really. Typically you should see roots within about 1 week and then shoots with leaves before 2 weeks in a warm environment. A bunch that I planted just over 3 weeks ago are now around 8 inches tall...Liked Answer 3048 days 23hrs

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