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Yellowing leaves on dwarf macadamia tree - Thanks A.C. I realise now I have been overwatering it and washing the nutrients away. I brought a native fertiliser called Bush Tucker which I believe is quick release & since giving it this & watering less the yellowing has stopped. I will test the PH of..2135 days 18hrs
Yellowing leaves on dwarf macadamia tree - I have my Dwarf Macadamia Tree in a pot & some of the new leaves are turning from green to yellow. They are also curling a little. Is this a deficiency or plant stress?..2166 days 15hrs

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Pruning passionfruit - have to cut back passionfruit hard as support trellis has sagged very overgrown bush this year, in its second year. how much & when do I cut back...Liked Question 1359 days 16hrs
Can i grow mango in south australia - The micro climate is important. The north side of a house where it receives good sunlight in the winter and has some protection from wind will help. They are sensitive to frost, and low lying areas will be more subjected to the likelihood of frost. As th..Liked Answer 1974 days 17hrs
Which fig variety is best in these - Yesterday I picked up our first fig of White Adriatic variety, I was expecting it to be very good in taste, it was good but exactly same like what I normally get from fruit market, it even looked same.. It was no where near to strawberry flavour.. When I ..Liked Answer 2045 days 16hrs
Yellowing leaves on dwarf macadamia tree - Ive had trouble with mine burning leaf tips and some yellowing.Check Ph of soil and adjust.The other thing which is minor dont dig arond the root zone with any hand diggers they really dont like it.Water but dont over water...Liked Answer 2135 days 18hrs

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