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Location: GOROKAN

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Mango varieties1 - Hi Markmelb, Sorry for butting in. Haden is mono, and as you know Bailey's is a progeny, which I'm also sure is mono. I'll let you guys confirm that. Edit: Actually, first stop - the Wikipedia article for Bailey's Marvel says it's mono. https://e..21hrs50mins
Apple branch squeezed - Ok, so it's an espalier. I thought the plant was on it's side in the photo. Wow, everyone is espalier-ating (my word: patent #00001). Fruity and you will get along just fine!..1 day 14hrs
Mango varieties1 - Hi Markmelb, I know Haden is at least in WA, but I haven't seen it offered for sale anywhere. I haven't looked for it, but I'm sure you could hunt it down. To confirm it being here I found this mention from the Queensland Department of Agriculture ..2 days 10hrs
Apple branch squeezed - Injuries like that make it easier for diseases and pests to infect it. Personally I'd cut it off just under the scar. It will be bushier, but you'll be eliminating possible future problems. It will gradually heal somewhat, but the location of it on ..3 days 19hrs
Avocado trees11 - Would that be Ganter Nursery? It's interesting that in the same postcode is another nursery called Clausen Nursery. What makes it interesting is another type of avocado they both call 'littlecado' and 'little cado'. The Ganter 'Littlecado' I've ment..3 days 20hrs
Apple tree1 - Most sources regard it as not a self-polinator, but there are a few sources that note Dorsett Golden as self-pollinators (to some extent), but I would interpret this to mean that it is only 'possible' for it to fruit by itself. So if it did, it wouldn't b..3 days 20hrs
Dwarf mandarin imperial root system - Hey Fruity, I think I'm losing the plot. I was about credit you with the espalier idea because I thought your message was the OP thanking me for your suggestion. Winter isn't a good time for me. I cease to function properly. Espalier jaboticaba. ..4 days 11hrs
Dwarf mandarin imperial root system - Fruity! Nice going, espalier is brilliant idea for its proximity to a driveway!..6 days 19hrs
Pistachio nut seeds - 100% I doubt these will get that, but this is what really interests me. I want to compare less fresh imported germination to fresh. I'm not actually going to grow them, I just wanted to test viability. Thanks for you input!..6 days 19hrs
Pistachio nut seeds - I noticed one of the pistachios I planted has sprouted. Since it is mid winter right now, I didn't expect to see this. This one was one of the 125 I soaked in water in the fridge for a week. The day after planting them, I put the remaining pistachios I..7 days 20hrs
Dwarf mandarin imperial root system - If it was just the driveway, I'd say 'Gee, that's pretty close, but I think the driveway would be ok.' I have a line of pavers just stuck into the ground around 1 m from an Imperial mandarin tree, and a couple of other citrus. The roots haven't interfe..7 days 21hrs
Cambodian mango - Choc anon is also called the 'Miracle' mango for this reason. Whether it would crop twice a year in SE Queensland is another thing. It would be missing its year round tropical environment, which may affect its enthusiasm for doing it twice a year, or g..8 days 15hrs
Mandarin fruit1 - Hi Denise, Yes, I've had similar experiences with Imperial mandarins. They are the most commonly available mandarins at nurseries and although they can be nice, they are usually somewhat more disappointing than some other varieties. Size doesn't bot..8 days 20hrs
Apricots in qld - I'm not a Gladstone local, but I am a little familiar with the area. Many years ago there was a property, a little out of Bororen, that I was considering buying. Traditionally, I'd say no. It's too warm for apricots in Gladstone, but I'm going to hold ..12 days 13hrs
Wanting to buy a cherimoya tree - I agree with Fruity. For certain fruit trees, especially tropical ones, demand is much higher than supply. Their pre-purchase option is the best way to ensure you get one when they become available, but you've noticed that the option is only available ..21 days 22hrs

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Dwarf mandarin imperial root system - Hi Md Now if you are really keen on planting a dwarf mandarin in a limited space and depth you can address both. First the depth, why not raise the garden bed that you are planting.By raising the bed by 12 inches or more the root system will have m..Liked Answer 6 days 19hrs
Pistachio nut seeds - Brad16 The ones you ate and were nice are the females. I hope you get germination - mine were surprisingly fast from fresh Feb fruit. They are almost big enough to graft. If you search you will see the actually graft to an extremely hardy and dis..Liked Answer 27 days 13hrs
Russet apples - Hi guys, Anybody know where I could procure a Russet Apple variety tree in Sydney? Preferably in person as shipping rates are both high and delivery can be untimely. I grew up in England and have fond memories of eating small and firm brown apples t..Liked Question 447 days 19hrs

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