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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Brad16 Forum Contributions
Plum type - Hi Pier, I agree with your Satsuma opinion. I also grew up as a young child with a blood plum tree, as you describe. I used to climb it and gorge myself ... YUMMM!!! Have a look at Mariposa. There are a few blood plum varieties, so it may be a bit hit-..14 days 22hrs
Pakistans best mango chunsa in australia - Hey Mark. Hope you get more than just fun with them. Fingers crossed :) Curiosity demands I ask if you opened the husks and saw if the seeds are poly?..19 days 0hrs
Banana varieties were missing out - Must say, I'm envious John. I've been on the hunt for Gros Mic for a long time and ended up resigning to the fact that the banana flavour I remember as a young child was never to be found again. I don't know for sure that the flavour I seek..20 days 23hrs
Durian2 - Thanks for all the 'frozen' advice guys. I originally brought up the imported supermarket version without realising they had previously been frozen. So thanks Manfred for pointing that out, as that makes a tremendous impact on what Tanya was ..48 days 20hrs
Durian2 - I saw a durian on the shelf in the local Coles supermarket yesterday, marked as 'Product of Thailand'. $12 a kilo, and weighed 3.5 kg. I would have bought it if not for the $40 the mega-retailer wanted for it. I'll have a look to see ..54 days 1hrs

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Cotton candy - Heard Woolies had some Cotton Candy grapes and got some to try today - well typical American Marketing - they dont taste at all like its name - not overly sweet - agreeable flavour but not my bag - prefer Sultana or Thomson seedless and Black Sapphires.So..Liked Answer 180 days 17hrs
Guava mexican cream - Does anyone know if wallabies like the leaves on this tree? ..Liked Answer 209 days 16hrs
Mystery plant id needed1 - Help needed again with this flowering/fruiting tree photographed near Kerala in South India..Liked Question 397 days 18hrs
Brasil nut - Where can i buy a plant or some viable seeds??? I live in the foothills of the Blue Mountains and know of two trees growing near by, but i don't know the owner, mite try to get some prop material!! Does anyone have any thoughts on this Nut M..Liked Question 397 days 18hrs
Dwarf mandarin imperial root system - Hi Md Now if you are really keen on planting a dwarf mandarin in a limited space and depth you can address both. First the depth, why not raise the garden bed that you are planting.By raising the bed by 12 inches or more the root system will have m..Liked Answer 404 days 22hrs
Pistachio nut seeds - Brad16 The ones you ate and were nice are the females. I hope you get germination - mine were surprisingly fast from fresh Feb fruit. They are almost big enough to graft. If you search you will see the actually graft to an extremely hardy and dis..Liked Answer 425 days 16hrs
Russet apples - Hi guys, Anybody know where I could procure a Russet Apple variety tree in Sydney? Preferably in person as shipping rates are both high and delivery can be untimely. I grew up in England and have fond memories of eating small and firm brown apples t..Liked Question 845 days 23hrs

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