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Brad16's Edible Backyard

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Location: GOROKAN

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Soursop tress - Hey Waterfall, Just clicked on your FB link. Wow! The flashback photo to 2014! You have been busy! Your Loquats are getting some colour in them too. Good stuff...107 days 11hrs
Soursop tress - Hi Sharon, I have two Soursops with me here on the Central Coast. They are only small and still in pots (one in a supertube and the other in a 175mm pot). This is the first winter for both of them here (they won't be here next winter though). Both hav..107 days 11hrs
Reed avo trees - Ciao amico, Southern Italy would have nurseries with avocados. Reed is common, and was also used as root-stock for grafting other avocados onto, so I'm confident you'll find a nursery somewhere near the area your house is located. Best suggestion to fi..115 days 13hrs
Apples8 - Hi Randolph, I doubt Eve is on the market yet. For those I think you'd have to wait for Montague Orchards to release it for public sale. They are a good apple though. I planted about 20 - 30 Eve seeds last year as a novelty, and have since lost them (a..115 days 16hrs
Seville orange - Hey Bruce, I like the Rangpur Lime suggestion also...117 days 13hrs
Seville orange - Hi Bruce. 4 cm diameter seems a bit too small to be a 'Seville' orange in my opinion, so a kumquat was just the first alternative that I thought would be most likely. Another suggestion could be Citrus (or Poncirus) trifoliata. It is a very common root..146 days 14hrs
Seville orange - Hi Bruce. Could they be kumquats? When I used to live in Wollongbar, quite a few people had kumquat trees. They were pretty common and they were usually used to make jam/marmalade (we affectionately named 'the bite')...149 days 17hrs
Need to identify - Podocarpus elatus (Plum Pine). Don't have a recipe for you though, sorry about that. Someone else may have a suggestion. The trees are fantastic!..165 days 16hrs
My mango seedling root has cracked from - Yes. I planted a seed from a Calypso, which is monoembryonic (only one embryo, and therefore only one tree from a single seed). When eating the mango it came from, I accidentally broke off the tap root (it had germinated whilst inside the fruit and the..167 days 6hrs
Russet apples - The climate here is pretty much the same as yours, but the trees are destined to be planted at another property. Where they will be going has colder nights and probably gets around 700 chill hours or so (my very bad estimation). Here, I'm guessing it's pr..173 days 24hrs
Russet apples - Hey, this question got me all excited about apples again and I couldn't resist ... had to get myself an Egremont Russet from Woodbridge Fruit Trees. I have a Gravenstein that could with some pollination help anyway ;) Packed in a Pomme de Neige for good ..176 days 14hrs
Russet apples - Phil, if your profile picture is the view from your bathroom window ... then I'm coming up to your place to brush my teeth from now on...177 days 14hrs
Russet apples - No worries Becky. Sydney needs a russet apple tree dang it!!..177 days 14hrs
Russet apples - Hi Becky, Sydney may be a little difficult, but there may be an apple boffin lurking around with knowledge of a few hidden old plantings. Bilpin, west of Sydney, is famous for apples, but since Australians want everything 'shiney-sparkley' any old pla..179 days 18hrs
Bush lemons1 - Daleys. www.daleysfruit.com.au/buy/bush-lemon-tree-tree.htm At time of writing: 24 available in forestry tubes @ $2.90 ea (or $1.95 if you buy 8 or more) 6 available in mega tube @ $16.90 each..198 days 16hrs

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Russet apples - Hi guys, Anybody know where I could procure a Russet Apple variety tree in Sydney? Preferably in person as shipping rates are both high and delivery can be untimely. I grew up in England and have fond memories of eating small and firm brown apples t..Liked Question 176 days 15hrs

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