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Tree query - Hi Alana, The scale I have in mind is large (min 15 m deep), but obviously not everyone has lots of space for a windbreak. It consists of a number of different trees (the main ones could be): Bunya (Araucaria bidwilli) Brown/Plum Pine (Podocarpus e..9 days 1hrs
Cedar tip moth1 - Hi Pat, Keeping 40 odd plants together for easy maintenance is a logical thing to do, you just didn't anticipate the possibility of pests finding them and having open access. With hindsight, it still could be a good idea to keep them all together if..12 days 8hrs
Jackfruit sydney - Hi Mike, That info about crossing jacks is pretty interesting. I just haven't been into them. I've always considered them an absurd fruit, but just recently when I saw Daley's 'Little Jewel' pop up for sale, I thought I'd give them a try, so just bough..12 days 10hrs
Hass avocado2 - Hi Tedy, Looks like a new planting from the nursery. Being exposed like that, out in the open, usually dries out the tender leaves that grow in a well sheltered nursery environment. This is why it is recommended to 'harden' off new purchases, as goi..12 days 16hrs
Cedar tip moth1 - I'm guessing your asking about a simpler way than netting the apical shoot. That's the only real solution I've ever come across, and you'd be aware of the impracticalities of that since an investment of Red Cedar is an investment for future generations..19 days 13hrs
Man - Ornamental or productive variety? :)..19 days 15hrs
Name of shrub - Yes the berries look like currants, but what is meant by 'Native Currant'? Currants (Ribes genus) leaves are quite different. They are lobed, while the ones in the picture are lancelot. I think that is why Potty Bob said 'Native' currant. But what does..23 days 13hrs
Name of shrub - Did you ever have an urge to grind your own coffee? I'm not certain about this, but it looks kind of like a coffee bush. I don't like coffee (weird I know) so you'll have to confirm that. I'm sure there are plenty of others out there with them...25 days 16hrs
Pomegranate12 - First thing to consider with splitting fruit is water uptake. Looking at your photo, the arils are nice and plump, so it would be a very good assumption that maybe good intentions is giving the tree too much love with the watering can. We all would lik..25 days 16hrs
Guava mexican cream - Hi Jonesplus1, I don't know first hand about any guavas (I choose not to grow them), but I do know first hand about the appetites of wallabies (in particular Bennett's wallabies). There is a very sizeable Bennett's wallaby community around a propert..26 days 13hrs
Garcinia intermedia - Hey all, I just found an Achacha. It was putting out some new growth (pictures taken 18 January 2019), so I'm adding some mid Summer pictures of Achacha new growth in Sydney to the catalogue :) These should get a pretty good run, as far as weather g..33 days 15hrs
Garcinia intermedia - Hi 410, The original leaves were grown in a longer growing climate before it was located at your place. In my experience garcinia requires a constant growing season. In the temperate zone, although Spring brings warmer weather, there is also regular..33 days 16hrs
Garcinia intermedia - Hey Bangkokii, I'm inclined to think that the problem with the Melbourne summer heat may have just as much to do with the dryness of the air, as much as it is the temperature of it. When the east coast of Australia has its summer heat waves, the N/NW a..34 days 12hrs
New growth at graft on seconda avocado - That's good advice from Markmelb. You're probably just confusing a spot where previous growth looks like it has been torn off and it is trying to regrow there. Another good reason to keep them is because they are in a direction that will balance the tr..39 days 12hrs
Lamb hass1 - Hi asaber, '... regret not having planted any other types between them.' How many avocado trees are you planning on planting? It sounds like you are you planning a monoculture orchard of Lamb Hass avocados, and hoping to maximise the harvest (for re..40 days 15hrs

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Guava mexican cream - Does anyone know if wallabies like the leaves on this tree? ..Liked Answer 26 days 9hrs
Mystery plant id needed1 - Help needed again with this flowering/fruiting tree photographed near Kerala in South India..Liked Question 214 days 11hrs
Brasil nut - Where can i buy a plant or some viable seeds??? I live in the foothills of the Blue Mountains and know of two trees growing near by, but i don't know the owner, mite try to get some prop material!! Does anyone have any thoughts on this Nut M..Liked Question 214 days 11hrs
Dwarf mandarin imperial root system - Hi Md Now if you are really keen on planting a dwarf mandarin in a limited space and depth you can address both. First the depth, why not raise the garden bed that you are planting.By raising the bed by 12 inches or more the root system will have m..Liked Answer 221 days 15hrs
Pistachio nut seeds - Brad16 The ones you ate and were nice are the females. I hope you get germination - mine were surprisingly fast from fresh Feb fruit. They are almost big enough to graft. If you search you will see the actually graft to an extremely hardy and dis..Liked Answer 242 days 9hrs
Russet apples - Hi guys, Anybody know where I could procure a Russet Apple variety tree in Sydney? Preferably in person as shipping rates are both high and delivery can be untimely. I grew up in England and have fond memories of eating small and firm brown apples t..Liked Question 662 days 16hrs

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