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Brad16's Edible Backyard

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Brad16 Forum Contributions
Avocado bark disease and stunted growth - Yep, looks like sunburn. But on the bright side it also looks like there is a fair amount of new growth coming through. My experience with nursery purchased avocados is that the sun just about always burns most of the foliage that grew in the nursery p..296 days 20hrs
Gardening australia3 - Do you mean the Camelia Gardens? Here's the link to the Gardening Australia page for it: https://www.abc.net.au/gardening/how-to/golden-oldie-camellia-famiglia/102463348 And Camelia Gardens' 'About Us' web page: https://www.flo..349 days 23hrs
Orange tree blight - It is scale, but not mealy bug. I don't know a common name for it apart from citrus scale. I've had this problem and I've only ever had it on orange trees, where other citrus around (even just a couple of metres from an affected tree) we..1546 days 18hrs
Acacia trees - Hi Brack, it doesn't look like Acacia to me. Has someone planted a row of them? They look more like what some call 'False Acacias' (Robinia pseudoacacia), and if so they are not natives, and are actually poisonous to humans and animals. I&..1591 days 18hrs
What kind of tree - Hard to see since an actual picture doesn't appear with the post, but from the thumbnail image they look like Tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis anacardioides) to me. Being in Bicentennial Park and the time of year you found them, that kind of makes sense, but a ..1623 days 22hrs

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Cotton candy - Heard Woolies had some Cotton Candy grapes and got some to try today - well typical American Marketing - they dont taste at all like its name - not overly sweet - agreeable flavour but not my bag - prefer Sultana or Thomson seedless and Black Sapphires.So..Liked Answer 1922 days 13hrs
Guava mexican cream - Does anyone know if wallabies like the leaves on this tree? ..Liked Answer 1951 days 13hrs
Mystery plant id needed1 - Help needed again with this flowering/fruiting tree photographed near Kerala in South India..Liked Question 2139 days 15hrs
Brasil nut - Where can i buy a plant or some viable seeds??? I live in the foothills of the Blue Mountains and know of two trees growing near by, but i don't know the owner, mite try to get some prop material!! Does anyone have any thoughts on this Nut M..Liked Question 2139 days 15hrs
Dwarf mandarin imperial root system - Hi Md Now if you are really keen on planting a dwarf mandarin in a limited space and depth you can address both. First the depth, why not raise the garden bed that you are planting.By raising the bed by 12 inches or more the root system will have m..Liked Answer 2146 days 19hrs
Pistachio nut seeds - Brad16 The ones you ate and were nice are the females. I hope you get germination - mine were surprisingly fast from fresh Feb fruit. They are almost big enough to graft. If you search you will see the actually graft to an extremely hardy and dis..Liked Answer 2167 days 13hrs
Russet apples - Hi guys, Anybody know where I could procure a Russet Apple variety tree in Sydney? Preferably in person as shipping rates are both high and delivery can be untimely. I grew up in England and have fond memories of eating small and firm brown apples t..Liked Question 2587 days 19hrs

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