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Starling1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 20/09/16 Updated: // Frost:
Location: WHITESIDE,4503,QLD

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Starling1 Forum Contributions
Ice cream bean - Nothing that sophisticated Mark. Just a ghetto version of a large pot/raised bed really. Waste not want not; saved me a trip to the tip and gave the Inga a home. I used a grinder to cut a hole in the back for drainage, then buried it about half its maximu..972 days 4hrs
Star apple - All fruit trees benefit from cross pollination, but the star apple will set on its own at a reasonable rate. ..973 days 18hrs
Ice cream bean - I'm not sure if an inga will fruit in a 100l pot. I've got one growing in an old fridge which is 350L, it's about 2.5m tall so far with quite a spread and no sign of fruit yet. This may just mean it's not ready yet, however...973 days 18hrs
Plant id please2 - That's a carambola (starfruit)...987 days 5hrs
Is my white sapote slowly dying - I find that best results are achieved by treating them pretty much the same as avocado...989 days 10hrs
Achacha3 - Puala, achachairu require extremely little to no sun whatsoever. You could use them as indoor house plants. Somewhere very shady with soil that stays moist is perfect for them. The kind of areas that ferns do well in...989 days 15hrs
Aqis - Everything requires a phyto cert now. Not worth the effort anymore IMO...991 days 4hrs
Ulluco harvest ullucus tuberosus - I'd like to try them, but there is no way on Earth I'd pay 80$ for 5 tubers. They are at the end if the day potatoes after all...991 days 6hrs
Whats that - That happen sometimes with dragonfruit. They're not buds, they're new lengths of stem. You need to put a prop in the pot of some description to support--a length of bamboo, or something to give the new growth support. Keep the uppermost two shoots and rem..1000 days 17hrs
Pulasan trees - I'd wager there's only a handful of decent trees around in the top end, no chance of growing them anywhere else. Ultra tropical...1001 days 13hrs
Planting fruit trees3 - Zabin, Before we can deal with all that, I would need to see pictures of your block. The primary point of order is always going to be dealing with the kind of space, and soil type you're on. You'll enjoy living in QLD, and won't be the first sydneys..1001 days 18hrs
Avocado leaves going brown - Bryan, that looks like dehydration to me. Judging by the soil type you're on as displayed in the images, it's going to be tough to grow Avo's or indeed any fruit trees, in those conditions. Heavy clay soils are highly water repellent, and it's likely t..1003 days 14hrs

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