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Location: ANNA BAY

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Tony29 Forum Contributions
Bare tree roots - Hi Julie, thanks for the reply however, if I add mulch to cover the roots which are bare at the very base of the trunk it would be nigh impossible not to contact the trunk in the process (see picture)...448 days 16hrs
Bare tree roots - Hi, I have a 3-4 year old dwarf mulberry tree in a large pot. It is about 1.5 metres high and it just finished fruiting albeit only a very small crop as yet. Its roots at the base of the trunk have become uncovered with watering over time (see attached pi..453 days 21hrs
Dwarf lime trees - Hello, I have two Dwarf Lime Trees probably close to ten years old. They look pretty healthy. They have lots of flowers which turn into fruit however they all fall off before reaching maturity. the biggest they ever get is about average marble size, most ..1152 days 21hrs
Passionfruit flowering but not fruiting1 - HI, my passionfruit looks very healthy with plenty of foliage and plenty of flowers. The problem is when the flowers start to close before forming fruit they turn a reddish colour then wither and die. I have not had even one flower turn to fruit. Any ide..1153 days 15hrs

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