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Okinawa spinach - Be careful with Ceylon/Malabar Spinach. It is extremely vigorous and grows like a weed. I had a vine in brisbane, once the seeds drop, loads of them germinate and grow extremeley fast. they have big thick leaves, they probably suck a lot of the nutrie..1223 days 13hrs
Help save my avocado tree - Thanks for the suggestions guys. I contacted Yates and they said it's some kind of canker. They told us to remove the diseased branches and paint the cuts with liquid copper fungicide. A systemic fungicide does seem like a more effective option but I ..1291 days 11hrs
Help save my avocado tree - Hi, Can I please get some help to identify the problem with this Avocado tree? The tree overall is quite withered, it has lost a lot of leaves. The branches seem to develop something like a fungus underneath the skin and eventually become black, wi..1308 days 19hrs

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Help save my avocado tree - I agree - there is a root rot issue as well as sun damage due to open canopy. Bit late to white wash branches with dilute ceiling paint but could still do. get some Antirot and do a soil drench as well as spray...Liked Answer 1291 days 11hrs
Help save my avocado tree - You could try Phosacid systemic fungicide. I beieve phosphorous antyfungal spray might he the tree fight fungal infections. I use as preventavive, spray the trunk and leaves. Best of luck!..Liked Answer 1291 days 11hrs

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