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Rob23 Forum Contributions
Tamarillos6 - Thanks Linda, maybe I'm being fussy, but I think you'd remember if the seeds were this hard. I still enjoy them anyway! Thanks for your reply. Rob23. ..983 days 18hrs
Tamarillos6 - I have a tamarillo growing beautifully in my garden in South Gippsland (Vic). It bears fruit prolifically but the seeds are extremely hard, I mean teeth shatteringly hard. Is there a reason for this? Would love to know. Cheers, Rob. ..993 days 13hrs
Dying tamarillo trees - Hi, I have a healthy tamarillo tree growing in South Gippsland (Vic) which fruits prolifically but the seeds are teeth shattering hard. Is there a reason for this or do I have the wrong variety. Appreciate any help. Rob. ..993 days 24hrs

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