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Tbcha1's Edible Backyard

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Tbcha1 Forum Contributions
Growing figs in pots - Hi bt84, I don't have any atm but I should have some come winter when it goes dormant. Send me a message then. If u have Facebook join figworld and also "e;fig & mulberry preservers Australia"e;e; page and introduce yourself and I'll let u know w..2461 days 2hrs
Growing figs in pots - hi mark thanks for getting back if you just want to grow for fruit you dont really need much space from what ive read. On the ourfig forum people are planting figs in 20L pots and partially burying them for the fruiting season. When they are dormant the..2595 days 4hrs
Growing figs in pots - Hi @MarkMelb do you have a Pingo de mel fig? would you have any cutting to sell or swap? i only have a St Dominique variety. email: tbcha1 at hotmail dot com thanks..2597 days 13hrs
Cuttings seeds seedlings swap - Does anyone have any Desert King fig cuttings for sale? thanks..2597 days 17hrs
Wanted desert king fig tree or cuttings - Has anyone seen this fig variety around? thanks..2597 days 18hrs

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Growing figs in pots - Hi Tbcha, I'd be interested in buying a cutting of st Dom off you if you have any spare. Also chasing some Violette de Bordeaux if anyone has some. Recently moved back to Aus so looking at starting a small potted collection..Liked Answer 2461 days 2hrs
Growing figs in pots - Hi tbcha1 - im on the wait list for a pingo - may not bother now as im having to cull plants as run out of space - will only keep what i have & keep them dwarfed in pots...Liked Answer 2595 days 4hrs

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