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Lychee tree - Either will work Nick. I use pestoil only because it's convenient. You could add a teaspoon of kitchen oil and a drop of detergent to a litre spray bottle if you don't have any commercial hort sprays at hand...Liked Answer 1625 days 6hrs
Lychee tree - Hi there! I had the most beautiful 3 year old lychee tree that produced an amazing crop this year. suddenly 3 weeks ago, every leaf turned brown and within 3 days the tree appeared to be dead. I have read that Lychees can have a sudden death and I am ..Liked Answer 1625 days 7hrs
Lychee tree - Amillaria root rot can kill young lychee trees - a problem fungi in well irrigated situations...Liked Question 1625 days 7hrs
Lychee tree - Very brave, Linh :) I grew up with that stuff from the older women of past generations so food as medicine is in my blood. I love it as part of my culture and heritage - I even believe it works but I must declare my ignorance of any scientific studies o..Liked Answer 1625 days 7hrs
Lychee tree - Hi Shaun - yes u can pinch them out if u want Or...u could leave one or two fruit and see what happens :-) Might be worth it in order to get a little practice in while u wait for the real deal in a year or 5! Now the weather is warming up I am expecting..Liked Question 1631 days 18hrs

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