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Kerry 's Edible Backyard

Joined: 16/09/17 Updated: // Frost:
Location: Wavell Heights

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Kerry Forum Contributions
Dwarf mulberry tree - Recently I moved my young dwarf mulberry to ground that had a lot of clay and it was very unhappy. The new leaves all curled around the edges and it looked very sad. So I moved it to a new place with a bit more sun and prepared the bed well with good soi..115 days 20hrs
Blueberry redringspot virus - Hi Pauline, Thank you for your response. The plant is looking great now and the two new ones are growing happily near it. I have found some pine needles to put around them and occasionally pour diluted remnants from the coffee plunger. Seems to be working..115 days 20hrs
Blueberry redringspot virus - My blueberry plant that I have had for 12 months and which has been growing very well this season has these red areas just appear on the new leaves. The leaves were a bit yellow so I added some Ammonium sulphate to the soil because it didn't seem to be ac..136 days 16hrs

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