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Dekopon in australia - oh i see, i already wondered why some were round and others had the neck. So they are all the same, great. My tree is so happy with it's 3 fruit that it decided to bloom again...13 days 5hrs
Dekopon in australia - I don't get it why some dekopons have a smooth skin and others a very bumpy one. Are they all the same fruit? Here this guy has smooth ones, i'll also post a pic of mine with bumpy skin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPusD01Fho4 ..14 days 13hrs
Seedless thai guava - There are many pests for guava, that's why the farmers spray them a lot in Thailand. My tree suffered from root eating nematodes and when it had fruit the fruitfly always put eggs in them. I even bagged them for a while but then they started ro..35 days 21hrs
Dekopon in australia - My dekapon has 2 fruits now. It's about 130 cm tall and growing in a large pot in Bangkok...48 days 6hrs
Durian2 - I've seen it several times in Bangkok that huge shops like MAKRO have their freezer department totally defrosted for some reason, everything! It will still be sold as frozen one day though and nobody will complain. But if i were you i would grow a..99 days 8hrs

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