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Australian finger lime - I've never seen them as an ornamental in Thailand but on the chatuchak market in Bangkok they are for sale on wednesday when there's plant market. The vendors mostly don't speak english though...838 days 11hrs
Mango tree shapeheight - The ones on the right pic are still very large...you will need a very long stick to pick the fruits from tree's like that. you can keep them smaller if you want to be able to pick fruit easy. I like them when they start to branch at 50 cm high in..862 days 24hrs
Locating a mango tree - I have seen them for sale here in Bangkok but those were just namdocmai mango's...they use that name to sell to the chinese tourists. If you have a picture of it we can determine if it's namdocmai. It is a very sweet mango and available in..868 days 23hrs
Lucs garcinia availability - Stevo how are your luc's grafted on achacha doing now? I also want to try that on my large achacha's but have only 1 scion of Luc's and don't want to waste it...870 days 8hrs
Green eating mangoes - Keo savoy is nice eaten green but there's a better one for green eating. I don't know it's name but i guess it's brahm kai meu...i grow 2 of those now but they still didn't bloom...one is 2.5 meters tall though. My thai moth..894 days 6hrs

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