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Bangkokii's Edible Backyard

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Location: nonthaburi

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Bangkokii Forum Contributions
Rambais and rambutans - Are Rambais (burmese grapes) any good? How are they compared to rambutans which i really like? I've never ever seen rambai's in thailand while myanmar isn't far from here...8 days 10hrs
Finger lime lost leaves - Oh i see, well they dropped and new ones appeared but they also dropped. It is the dirhams emerald variety but this tree is so tiny that it's better to let it grow first i think...16 days 4hrs
Lucs garcinia availability - Exactly, i have never seen a full sized fruit grown out of Mexico (on the interwebs)...Also no description of the fruitquality. My Luc's did not do anything for last 6 months, it still looks the same (very small) while my achacha's grow very well...21 days 8hrs
Truckload of plums - I would go tasting them first. Last month i bought a package of aussie plums in Singapore but they had no flavour at all......33 days 4hrs
Finger lime lost leaves - Mine made strange tiny purple balls, it's just a tiny tree that i got a few weeks ago...39 days 6hrs
Jaboticaba tree - Recher can you eat the skin from the yellow jabo's? By the way, i think litchi is far superior to longan...50 days 12hrs
Perth manures neutral ph - Well here in Bangkok a large bag of imported peat from Europe costs the same as a large imported bag of New Zealand pine bark chips. The chips add more structure to the soil and i noticed they get white from soilfungus fast. But for Perth it's more..59 days 6hrs
Perth manures neutral ph - peat, pinebark fines, coffee...60 days 22hrs
Transplanting fruit trees - I just killed a large achacha by removing it. But i learned from it..here we can buy huge fruiting tree's in a 80 liter pot. It takes many weeks preparation. You first make a circle about the rootball you want to get...not too large because that's ..63 days 1hrs
Jaboticaba6 - The white jaboticaba is blooming again since many months but only 1 fruit set. The other one still doesn't bloom which was in a pot all the time. I don't see any bee's or ants on it, i hope i get more fruit once the other one also blooms..84 days 11hrs
Dragon fruit size - I bought them in a fruit shop in singapore, 10 au$ a piece. They are large but not as large as the 1 kg ones from Thailand. Same size and sweetness as a normal sized mango... Last year i saw them in singapore imported from ecuador but mine didn't ha..90 days 8hrs
Dragon fruit size - I just ate a big yellow dragonfruit and it's sooo much better than the thai/vietnamese ones.... I can totally recommend that variety but they do have thorns on the fruit...93 days 10hrs
Garcinia intermedia - Linton how hot are your summers? My achacha's do great but are in half shade...If didn't prune them they would be 5-6 meters now. My Luc's is in full sun but grows very slow. It always looks healthy though, no matter what..We had 36 celcius for some..94 days 10hrs
Thai red lady papaya plant or seeds - In Thailand we eat orange papaya's called papaya Holland. (don't ask me why). They are great, sweet, firm and no puke aftertaste or so... It's hard to find other papaya's these days on the markets but they must be around for the somtam salad...101 days 1hrs
Dekopon in australia - John did you get fruit from the tree? The vendor of my grafted dekapon had a tree in a pot bearing large fruit but they were still green. Don't know if they ever turn orange in Thailand. Since i put my tree in full sun all day it grows fast. ..124 days 7hrs

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