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Durian2 - I've seen it several times in Bangkok that huge shops like MAKRO have their freezer department totally defrosted for some reason, everything! It will still be sold as frozen one day though and nobody will complain. But if i were you i would grow a..41 days 18hrs
Durian2 - I like to buy the very ripe (soft) durians in BKK and throw them in the icecreammaker with only a pinch of salt. Tastes the same as fresh ones to me and is half the price. In Singapore i bought mao shan wang durian icecream which was frozen pieces o..47 days 21hrs
King thai mango - Here are the mango's in Tops supermarket Bangkok. 1au$=22 baht. On top are r2e2 and the orange ones are mahachanok. The red ones are called tubtim mango, never heard of that before. The large green ones don't have a name (they have to make it ..97 days 10hrs
King thai mango - Well the mahachanok tastes much better than the r2e2 which is for sale here in supermarkets. I know a guy who planted hundreds of those in thailand, i don't understand it though. We also have clay a lot here but that's fine for mango. Very heavy clay. ..98 days 0hrs
King thai mango - Amanda in the Thai climate the namdocmai is a better mango...hence we rarely see mahachanok around here but it might go for export a lot. For namdocmai the green one is better than the golden one but it has issues with splitting when almost ripe. Fo..101 days 8hrs

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