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Spmkoda's Edible Backyard

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Location: NINGI

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Spmkoda Forum Contributions
Whats that tree - Fruit slowly forming. Took this photo this morning. ..852 days 12hrs
Problem with mango tree - I've just moved to a property at Ningi and my tree is doing the exact same thing. I've been scouring the net for days trying to get an answer but can't find anything. I'm going to try and get to a nursery in chermside on the weekend and talk to them. I've..852 days 12hrs
Whats that tree - Will do Kate..854 days 14hrs
New to fruit trees - Should also mention that a lot of the trees have a plastic tube that seems to go from the top of the soil to the roots. I'm assuming that is where I'm suppose to water the trees instead of just all over the leaves and ground. I've attached a photo. Than..863 days 3hrs
New to fruit trees - Here's pictures of all my fruit trees. I've asked around my neighborhood but no one was in an info sharing mood. I just want to know how often I should be watering them, should I prune them, do I need to use fertilizer? Thanks for all your help. St..863 days 10hrs

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Whats that tree - I would say European pear, possibly nashi could not check leaves properly for the toothed margins of nashi leaves, immature fruit looks like pear. ..Liked Answer 854 days 14hrs
Whats that tree - fascinating allybanana! I've never seen a pear tree, so can't pick those subtle differences in the early fruit shape. Spmkoda - would you post some photo updates as the fruit matures and the tree leafs out? I'd love to see its progress. Kate..Liked Answer 854 days 14hrs
And this one - you'll need to do some initial pruning - particularly the dead bits, sickly bits and any crossing branches. from there you'd move on to pruning for size and shape - but it's probably a bit late in the season to be doing major pruning. do a google search..Liked Answer 861 days 12hrs
And this one - hi Stevie, that's a citrus tree, and when I see spikes as large as those - I tend to think seedling-grown or rootstock has grown on after the death of the grafted scion. it's definitely worth nurturing - because it could be a nice bush lemon. Kate..Liked Answer 863 days 11hrs
Another whats that tree - hi Stevie, you've got a beautiful bouncing fig tree there, but I can't tell you what type off-hand. I can tell you it isn't a black genoa. judging by the leaf shape it's probably a brown turkey fig - but you'll need to wait until it fruits. if you l..Liked Answer 863 days 11hrs
What tree is this4 - hi Stevie, that looks to be a nice peach tree. I can see a little peach already developing in picture 1. Kate..Liked Answer 863 days 11hrs
Whats that tree - hi Stevie, my guess would be it's an apple tree - based on the wood, what I can see of leaves, and the way the embryo fruit is clustered. you'll know in another month or so as the fruit starts to develop and take shape. Kate..Liked Answer 863 days 11hrs

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