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PeterM1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 00/00/00 Updated: 09/09/21 Frost:
Location: GLENWOOD

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PeterM1 Forum Contributions
Seville orange - I used damp paper towel in a ziplock bag to get those seedlings started. I've always had excellent germination rates with that method. My parents have a few citrus seedlings in their garden which are the result of random seeds tossed off the patio, so ..1390 days 22hrs
Seville orange - A little update on the 'Azar Seville' - seeds planted on 12th December. All the seeds germinated and I've thinned out half of the doubles/triples. Thanks again for the seeds, Azar!..1401 days 1hrs
Coffee11 - I had a similar problem with my coffee tree a number of weeks ago, and I put it down to the hot afternoon sun as noted by Fruitylicious1. I wasn't fertilising it or doing anything unusual at the time. Moving it to a position where it gets morning sun an..1401 days 2hrs
Seville orange - Hi Azar, thanks again for sending some seeds. They arrived today. Cheers, Peter...1453 days 2hrs
Seville orange - Thanks Azar. You can reach me on pkmann _at_ gmail.com..1478 days 20hrs

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